What could I do to stop my dog's possessiveness?

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    snowboard3posted 8 years ago

    What could I do to stop my dog's possessiveness?

    My husky is very possessive over his toys. He attacked our black lab thinking he was going after his toy and bit off a quarter of his ear. Instantly after he knew he did something bad, but the fact of the matter is that he needs to learn everything isn't his. What could I do to stop his possessiveness?

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    melodyc84posted 8 years ago

    This is can be a difficult task especially when there is more than one dog in the home.  Try making them both sit and stay.  After they are staying where they should, put a toy in front of the Husky.  He will probably want to go for it, but make him stay.  Then move the toy so it is in front of the Lab and give the Husky a treat and praise him.  You need to let the Husky know that sharing is a positive thing and he will be rewarded for doing so. When you put the toy in front of the Lab, associate that with a word such as "Share".  He will soon learn that when the Lab has his toy he is "sharing", and that this is good.  They key to any kind of dog training though is to be repetitive.  Every time the Husky "attacks" the lab, take the toy away completely and make the Husky sit and stay.  After he complies with sitting and staying, put the toy back down in front of the Lab, say "share",give the Husky a treat and praise him.  Also, keep in mind that dogs do not respond to spankings...each and every time a dog is being trained never punish the dog for being "bad", instead, reward the dog when he is good, and keep this in repetition as well.  Dogs are eager to please so if they are rewarded for being "good", it will have an impact on them.
    Too, you might want to reverse this exercise from dog to dog so the Husky doesn't think he is the only one that needs to share.