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What are the pros and cons of owning a husky dog?

  1. glassvisage profile image90
    glassvisageposted 6 years ago

    What are the pros and cons of owning a husky dog?

  2. Nspeel profile image77
    Nspeelposted 6 years ago

    cons: shedding all over everywhere all year long

    Pros: amazing pets very social and listen very well

  3. TheEpicJourney profile image79
    TheEpicJourneyposted 6 years ago

    I've got to put my disclaimer out that I do not have a husky.  Therefore I would quickly defer to a husky owner.  However, I have a malamute in our family and they share many similar traits. I've also read a lot on them So with that being said I'll let you know what I know smile

    pro list:  Very pack/family oriented, very affectionate, very fun to play with, great exercise partner, very pretty,  going along with their pack orientation they feel like a part of the family much more than a pet, as Nspeel said very social, generally very healthy.  Highly intelligent

    Con list: massive amounts of shedding, can be stubborn and won't listen if they don't want too, requires a lot of time investment in exercise and training, can't be left alone for long periods of time for mental health reasons (pack dog), requires a high amount of dog knowledge to understand how to be the alpha in the relationship (its not a given with this breed), can be very destructive if needs aren't met, can be very aggressive if socialization is not started at an early age. 

    I've seen some great hubs on this specific question, search them out for a lot more detail.  This is just a nice quick list from my memory and experience.  Hope that helps!

  4. Helena Ricketts profile image98
    Helena Rickettsposted 6 years ago


    I have an 8 year old female Siberian Husky.  The good thing is that Huskies aren't always "up in your face" type of dogs.  They are quite independent and normally have a decent temperament. 

    If you are a active person, they make great running partners because that's what they were bred to do, run across ice for long distances.  This is also a con though because if they don't get daily exercise they WILL become destructive with furniture and your personal belongings.  They are very high energy dogs which can be either a pro or con depending on the owner and their schedule.  They have no sense of home so if they get out, they are gone so it is important to have them chipped and tagged.

    Their coats require daily brushing because they shed year round and this is a con unless you are in the business of knitting sweaters which some people actually do out of Siberian Husky hair.  A pro to this is that they do come in different colors.  Not just the black and white that is the most common coloring.  My Sophie is copper and white.  Huskies come in gray, copper, brown and even solid white.

    A pro is also that they are very verbal.  They howl (which can also be a con) but they also do what most Husky owners call "woo woo" which is exactly what it sounds like.  They make an odd sound that sounds like they are saying woo woo.  Their bark also sounds different than other dog breeds of their size.

    I love mine because to me, the pros outweigh the cons.  smile

  5. Patty Inglish, MS profile image94
    Patty Inglish, MSposted 5 years ago

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    alexadryposted 5 years ago

    Do you have what it takes to own a Siberian Husky? Are you researching the breed because you are enamored with these beautiful dogs? Learn the pros and cons of owning this alluring breed which is not for everyone. read more