why do people eat dog eg. chinese

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    alyssasuberoposted 7 years ago

    why do people eat dog eg. chinese

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    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    Why not?  It's just cultural conditioning as to what is acceptable to eat and what is not.

    People in many cultures -- including China -- eat pork (pig/swine) and it is forbidden in other cultures -- the Arab Muslims and orthodox Jews.

    It's hard for most Western Europeans and North Americans to accept, but dogs are just another edible animal.  Ditto cats and horses.

    BRITANNUS (shocked):

    Caesar, this is not proper.

    THEODOTUS (outraged):


    CAESAR (recovering his self-possession):

    Pardon him, Theodotus; he is a barbarian, and thinks that the customs of his tribe and island are the laws of nature.

    Caesar and Cleopatra, Act II -- [George Bernard Shaw]

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    SpaceAgeposted 7 years ago

    i don't know. however, rumor has it that cat meat has been served in their restaurant. i only learned of this rumor when i'd already eaten their food & liked it