my dog has a very low glucose level what would be the best treatment to find out

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    ike1378posted 7 years ago

    my dog has a very low glucose level what would be the best treatment to find out why?

    the Vet wanted to do a ultra sound to look for tumors or an MRI.  Both were over my budget, not sure what other option we have- he is a Chocolate lab 3.5 yrs old is very skinny – we have another dog who is overweight and I am afraid the other dog is eating all his food. What options do we have to find out what is causing the low glucose counts?

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    DdraigXposted 7 years ago

    I'm having the same issue, not with the dog but myself. I would definitely check in to the behavior of the dogs whilst they're eating. I'm guessing she is probably pretty lethargic and groggy most times? Usually I get low glucose (hypoglycemia) when I haven't eaten. In fact if she's really skinny, I would say the other dog is eating the other dogs food. Feed them in separate rooms with the doors closed. That way the dog can't eat the lab's food.

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    Whitney05posted 7 years ago

    Definitely try feeding the dogs separately to see if that boosts the feeding response of the skinnier dog.

    Have your vet check insulin levels, as an excess of insulin production can cause low blood sugar, and can easily be corrected with daily insulin shots. (Tumors in the pancreas can cause insulinoma which can cause low blood sugar.)

    Lack of proteins can cause low blood sugar. What do food are you offering, consider a high protein diet like EVO. Dogs need about 30-50% proteins in their daily diet.

    If the dog isn't able to eat enough or often enough, low blood sugar can develop. Separating the two dogs during feeding time can potentially correct this.

    Abnormal hormone function and productions can cause low blood sugar levels. Addison's disease can cause insufficient secretion of certain hormones which can cause low blood sugar levels.

    Your vet should be able to do a blood test to check for hormone levels and insulin.