Hello- My 5 year old pug was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago, he is on 6unit

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    reneekhposted 7 years ago

    Hello- My 5 year old pug was diagnosed with diabetes 2 weeks ago, he is on 6units of humulin 2x...

    a day, he was put on purina dco dog food, I am in the process of transitioning him to evo reduced fat dry dog food and evo canned.  This is only the 2nd day so his is getting 3/4 cup purina dco and 1/4 cup evo with 2 tsps of canned 2x per day.  I am not sure if I am giving him too much although he still acts hungry.  I don't want him to gain any weight as he is 25 lbs now.  Do diabetic dogs need more food or less food per day, can't seem to find out any info on this.  I just want to do what is right for him.

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    Jule Romansposted 7 years ago

    I am sorry to hear of your dilemma. We had a cat that was diabetic. I understand your worries. What worked for us was to follow our vet's advice exactly.  My best suggestion to you is to go back and re-read the vet's recommendations. They usually will give them to you in writing. If you don't have them, call your vet again and ask what is best to do.  Diabetes is  a little different in dogs and cats than it is in humans.

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    FitnessDogposted 7 years ago

    I agree absolutely with Jule. The thing is, 2 days is not enough time to see how well a new diet and medication is working. At least not with diabetes. You need to give this a couple weeks for the dog to adjust. He may be hungry as he is still adjusting to the new diet and feeding times. He may be hungry because his blood sugar level has not leveled out yet.

    Your vet should decide on the amount of food your dog eats based on things like his current weight, what his weight should be, and the amount of insulin he is taking. If your dog is not having any extreme reaction, I'd suggest giving it a week or 2 for him to adjust, then definitely discussing your concerns with the vet. But if you are really, really concerned--don't wait, call the vet.