Since you have more cats than dogs, I have to ask for a hub about CATS!

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    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Since you have more cats than dogs, I have to ask for a hub about CATS!

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    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

    I'm not sure if you are asking me to write more hubs on cats or you are looking for a specific hub?


    Here is a very funny CAT hub that also provides good advice.

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    traveeswifeeposted 7 years ago

    Where do I start? Our oldest cat is a spayed female about 4 years old named Java Mae. She is a calico and is the queen of the domain. She brooks no disrespect from any of the other cats/kittens or even the dogs. She is loving but often stand-offish, that is unless she is in the mood for some loving or just wants some canned food as a treat. The next in line is a tan/brown Siamese male named Dexter who is 3 years old. He is gorgeous and roams far and wide throughout our property (we have about 2 acres) but once he decides to come inside for a visit is quite demanding of our attention. Next comes Gizmo and he is a male about 2 years old. He is a striped Manx and was weaned way to early as he still likes to suckle on any blanket he can get his mouth on. He is very loving but also likes to play with us. Then comes Charlie who is almost 2 years old and a big bully. He likes to think he is king of the roost but gets put in his place frequently by Jave Mae. He is a black and white striped mix. Then comes Mama Kitty who is due to have her second litter very soon. She is a tiger striped 2 year old. We are looking forward to the new additions to our family. Then comes her son, Zobo who is about 4 months old. He is very independent but loves to have the sides of his face rubbed regulary and likes to sleep on my chest. Our newest addition is Fidgle who is a black and white pinto mix (no, not a Pinto horse!). All of our cats and kittens are litter box trained and spend equal amounts of time indoors and out.

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