Are creatures of the dark real?

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  1. red_roses profile image70
    red_rosesposted 8 years ago

    Are creatures of the dark real?

    Vampirism had already been explained. It is fictional based on the author of Dracula, who made it world-wide. I am not asking if werewolves are real. I am asking if creatures(monsters, whatever you want) like a "person who splits into two and the upper limb goes flying, eating people," and "old woman(or something) eating the babies inside a pregnant woman".

  2. rickzimmerman profile image70
    rickzimmermanposted 8 years ago

    Actually, vampirism isn't fictional. Vampire bats live on the blood of other creatures. If enough of them flock to feed on, say, a small calf or lamb, they can easily kill it through blood loss. As for other creatures that seem to be monsters, just look at the natural world: there are amphibians that can regrow lost limbs, seahorse males that carry the young to term and give birth to them, bacteria that can eat your flesh away, mantis females that eat the head of the male WHILE he's mating with her, and frogs that can shoot blood out of their eyes, male fish of certain species that latch onto the flank of the much larger females, depositing sperm into her, while they waste away and are eventually dissolved into the flesh of the female, for just a few colorful examples. Sound like monsters to me.

  3. angel115707 profile image61
    angel115707posted 8 years ago

    I have seen a few things, you wouldn't believe me unless you saw it yourself, I am working on my Werewolf lane hub, I need to publish it!!

  4. sun of zym profile image59
    sun of zymposted 7 years ago

    "old woman eating the babies inside a pregnant woman?", !! sounds like one heck of a strange there such a story?
    There is a story of a white lady that takes children in place of her's whom she drown...she's called by a Spanish name, "La Llorona",  this folk lore can be dated back to the Aztecs from a real historical she is a ghost;  people in my family claimed to have seen her, even I had a vision of what I believe was her...she has been mentioned in early movies and even a movie due out soon on the subject, I read about it, but it's not so much a movie of her as another horror flick.


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