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What are some things to put in a care package for a pregnant woman?

  1. melbel profile image97
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    What are some things to put in a care package for a pregnant woman?

    My friend lives in lands afar and she's expecting her first child. I would like to send her a care package. What are some things I should and should NOT include?

  2. Sunnyglitter profile image82
    Sunnyglitterposted 6 years ago

    What a sweet idea!  I'm 26 weeks pregnant and can tell you what I'd want, although I can't speak for all women:

    -  A good lotion that doesn't have a strong scent (pregnant women are sensitive to smells)

    -  A foot scrub

    -  A pregnancy pillow

    -  A gift certificate for a prenatal massage

    -  A comfy pair of yoga pants

    -  Flip flops or slippers for swollen feet

    -  Snacks like chocolate covered potato chips

    -  Fun, light books

    -  Baby name books

    -  Pregnancy mags

    -  Sour candy (it killed my nausea)

  3. Bmorton24 profile image59
    Bmorton24posted 6 years ago

    -sweats(winter pregnancies) with stretchy gym shorts being the hotter alternative
    -baby name books are amazing (if you get the right ones)
    -avon has an amazing foot scrub kit for like 10 dollars its wonderful
    Depending on her personality some people like to do word puzzles or things like that . With my first child i wanted things like meats to eat so its hard to mail that smile but you can ask her what goodies she likes... candies are WONDERFUL for anyone pregnant or not.. maybe peppermints although i prefer the green ones :]

    i think that is a sweet thing to do :]

  4. Lizam1 profile image84
    Lizam1posted 6 years ago

    All of the above suggestions plus gift certificate for a cleaning service (could do that as a group gift) for after baby has come.  Gift certificate for a hairdresser or nail service  Herbal and or caffeine free teas.  A gift certificate to a local catering service that offers meals. Something pretty and comfy for her to wear when visitors come and she doesn't want to get dressed up.

  5. MissBex profile image59
    MissBexposted 6 years ago

    Birth control pills.  JUST KIDDING! 

    This is a sweet idea.  My only advice is to be sure to include something just for her.  Family and friends will send gifts for the baby but it seems we forget the mother and father.  Do you know her favorite candy?  Author?  Store?  Include a gift card and tell her to use it ONLY on herself when she is ready for the mall.  It's a small gesture but goes a long way.

    When my first child was born (22 yrs ago) a relative sent me the most beautiful nightgown.  I loved it and wore it until it fell apart!  It was nice to have something just for me.  I was touched.

  6. Sonya L Morley profile image60
    Sonya L Morleyposted 6 years ago

    I would love to have received a couple of good films, books, pregnancy magazines, bath stuff and a load of chocolate!

  7. crystaljerke profile image61
    crystaljerkeposted 6 years ago

    Its really a great experience for a women when she is going to be a mother first time and she will really enjoy her pregnancy if she will receive some wonderful and exciting gifts.
    You can go with:
    - send her a spa gift card to enjoy a aromatherapy session....it will give her a great feel.
    - If she loves watching movie then you can buy a collection of some all time favorite movies to have a god time pass.
    - You can buy some designer maternity outfits to give her a beautiful smile.
    - If she loves reading; gift her some books based on baby care and pre & post pregnancy facts.

  8. alliemacb profile image96
    alliemacbposted 6 years ago

    This is a really nice idea and there are loads of good suggestions here.  Something I would add is a cream with calendula in it.  When I was pregnant, I used it and I think it helped to minimise stretch marks.