how do i know if my pup has parvo

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    breeze06posted 7 years ago

    how do i know if my pup has parvo

    my pup is 3 months and for the past three days he wont eat , and what he does he throws its back up. Today he pooped runny black stuff and wont drink water now. I cant afford any vet bill and hes not getting better. Ive given him pepto bismol (tbl sspn) evry three hours. I just dont know wat i should do

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    psycheskinnerposted 7 years ago

    Parvo is a serious illness that often kills dogs when they are under veterinary care.  If you cannot afford a vet know you need to ask them about a payment plan, get a loan or take the dog to a shelter for treatment.  You need to keep the dog hydrated.  You need clean with bleach any comtaminated areas to avoid other dogs getting sick.

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    alexadryposted 7 years ago

    Sorry to hear that.. it could be Parvo, an intestinal obstruction, gastro-enteritis, parasites, ingestion of toxins... so many things...At this point knowing if it is parvo or not will not help, this guy needs immediate supportive care! Any way to borrow some money? a vet visit seems in order...

    These articles may be helpful but in serious cases as yours they CANNOT replace a vet visit: … he-at-Home

    Please try your best to have him see a vet..he is very small and can go down hill very quickly...I would hate this to happen and Parvo is extremely deadly... sending best wishes your way..

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