I love your article, for 2 days now my cats have been evasive, they hang out in

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    Cathy DiDomenicoposted 7 years ago

    I love your article, for 2 days now my cats have been evasive,  they hang out in the bathroom...

    and seem afraid of me. you have to keep in mind our relationship is beyond loving. I keep teasing them saying that their spaceship is going to land in the bathroom... Nothing has changed in my household, do you understand  why they are different.? thanks Cathy

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    DrValerieposted 7 years ago

    Hi Cathy;

    thanks! And uh....well, you DID tell them their spaceship is going to land in the bathroom! So of course they would be hanging out there, waiting. You'd better tell them you were only kidding and that you don't actually know when or where their spaceship will be landing (or yours either, for that matter). You need to apologize to them and admit that sometimes humans are just really dense and not as funny as we think we are.

    When we have loving relationships with our cats, they are very telepathic with us, especially about our emotions. They probably think you are sending them away and can't understand why. They will continue to sulk in the bathroom if you don't straighten this misunderstanding out quickly. Reassure them that you love them more than ever and you were just teasing them because of something you read. Tell them that wherever you go, they go too and you would not move without them.

    Beyond that, they could be feeling all the hoopla about 2012 and the planet that's heading towards us that NASA knows all about but won't tell us, nor will the government (while they prepare to move underground into their luxury bunkers). I think I'd be asking the cats if there's room in their spaceship for YOU.

    I hope that helps; let me know.