Overprotective 3 year old Neutered male Portuguese water dog.

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    mondegoposted 6 years ago

    Overprotective 3 year old Neutered male Portuguese water dog.

    quick setting for situation today. We are away from home in RV for a few days and He is a bit stressed out by this. I was taking a nap and my husband woke me by patting my behind. The dog was sleeping at my feet. My husband said he is pushing me away and we stupid as it is looking back we  were testing the dog to see what he would do. Make along story short he warned and than struck out and got my hand in the heated moment and after we collected ourselves about 30 seconds he went to my husband and licked his hand. I have known that he is protective but  had not expected this. Any thought?

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    athena2011posted 6 years ago

    I have always had dogs but never had this experience with over-protectedness. If I did though I think I might call in a professional dog trainer to help.

    Perhaps it's okay that he be that way with strangers, but not with your spouse. That's my opinion anyway. I'd be concerned that it might get worse if not addressed.

    I love Portuguese Water Dogs by the way.