Please help! ive had my 2 rats for more than 3 months and they still dont like m

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    Lexie Engdahlposted 5 years ago

    Please help! ive had my 2 rats for more than 3 months and they still dont like me!

    hi, my name is lexie and im 12 yrs. old. I have never owned rats before and you seem very professional about rats! I have 2 female rats named Lily and Taz. all they do is sit in the corner of the cage.But, I dint expect them to jump for joy when I come to the cage. when I first started with them I sat on the couch with a towel under me and rag clothes on at my dads house.i had brought them to my moms and now they really have gotten worse! my mom has cats so I can only keep them in my room and barley evr take them out, im not blaming them, I feel very bad for them! but idnt prefr to b poopd on!

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    Shahid Bukhariposted 5 years ago

    Start eating Cheese ...
    it might help ease the strain in your relations, with the pet rats ... also share some cheese with the Rats ... Because, animals ... love the person, who feeds them.

    The cats presence, however, does not help promote ... your desired relations with the rats ... So see if you can do something about the cats ... because, cats eat mice ...
    For example, try feeding the cats Cheese, in your rats presence ... that might convey the message of Peace.

    My pet dog, plays with my pet cats ... so why can't your mom's cats be friendly with your mice ... But try making these adjustments ... very carefully ... or your moms cats may eat you pet Rats ... OK ?

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    Lexie Engdahlposted 5 years ago

    thnks, I understand the feeding them because the animals love the person that feeds them. i NEVER let the cats and dog in my room while i am not in there. im not AS worried the cats touching them but more im worried about our toy poodle because he seems thr most interested. When i take them out i never have any other animal in the room just me, and the 2 girlies. but i wont let my gaurd down. my cat link just sniffs them, and leaves while our dog sits there in a hunting position and it REALLY freaks them out. i also have a problem with how much stuffing they kick out. im working on ideas for that like a tray bigger than the cage under it or adding mesh around the cage so everything stays in. any ideas?