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Please help me out . m deep into depression n I dont know wat to do about it . m

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    dsouzacalvin89posted 4 years ago

    Please help me out . m deep into depression n I dont know wat to do about it . my girl dumped me.

    i got into a relationship four years ago after my breakup with my ex. the present girl was very sweet and helpful and we wher together all time . all though I was never serious of her since I had not completely got over my ex . she felt lik I used her and dumped me not even feeling I loved her a lot in those years . today shes happy with someone else and I dont know wat to do and wher to go . as I feel m falling into deep depression I dont get sleep too .i only c death across me .n I feel this is all my fault n I dont hav rights to liv................

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    Ranveer Bhatiaposted 4 years ago

    Never loose hope. Remember that someone somewhere is made for you and you will always get your right girl. may be this girl was not right for you, though you loved her a lot. If someone does not care about your emotion, it is better not to feel for her. Never forget that there are people who are more distressed than you in this world. You are more fortunate, man. So, why to feel depress. Move ahead in life. I am sure that a better future is awaiting you.

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    Aoneillposted 4 years ago

    Hi there, I know it's been a few weeks and I hope that you are hanging in there and doing okay. This is a tough problem but you may be surprised to know that it's a pretty common one. It sounds to me that you're suffering from depression to some degree. I am not a doctor and can't say that for sure. I am not very familiar with the chemical and mechanical aspects of how our brains operate.  But my own son went through this (and a friend's son did as well). My son's depression started almost 3 years ago. I interacted with him through the progression and ultimately, improvement of his own self-talk, and where it took him, with a front row seat.
      Those early weeks and months were some of the most painful times of my life. I'm just glad that my son started texting with me when he felt so down. Do you have relationships with your parents, brothers or sisters, an aunt, or a family friend who is like an uncle to you?  I strongly encourage you to reach out to any number of them and just share how you're feeling. You will probably be surprised at what you get back from the people who love you. Just being in the present and interacting with someone who cares about you, is likely to lift your mood. They also may have some great ideas on ways to combat depression that can at times be overwhelming.
      Also it could be very very beneficial for you to find a counselor, psychiatrist or psychologist. Psychiatrists can prescribe anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, while psychologists and counselors cannot. I don't know if you have private insurance that will offset some of the cost of this, or if you would need to look up your local city or county Community Health Services, but free help can be found there. Most cities and counties have a crisis-line phone number listed so if it's really down to that, then just call the number. The people who are dedicated to answering those crisis lines tend to have the kind of warm heart that you need to interact with right now. They'll reach right through the phone lines and help lift you up a little. And they can avert a serious crisis, if it gets alllll the way down to that.
      Try to remember, you're nowhere NEAR alone in these feelings; any close friend or family would probably be really really glad to hear from you if you're feeling down; you CAN get counseling no matter what your financial and/or health-insurance situation is; and if things get really bleak for you, find and call a crisis line. People do care. smile

  4. DDE profile image23
    DDEposted 4 years ago

    You should never give on your life never quit be positive think about how much you can do with your time and most of all be with loved ones those you can trust and truly be with you no matter what goes on. Try to be with happy people and think with  happily. When you think of sad times you become sad so avoid sad people and thoughts. Let yourself know if she found someone you are sure to find someone yourself who can love you and be with you. Don't think of what was the present is crucial you will never know tomorrow but at least you have today to think about Soyuz life. and a change can be made to be that happy person. Be able to forgive and move on with a smile everyone experiences a break up just don't let the little things get in the way of your good life. Nobody is perfect things happen how you choose to deal with the situation depends on your clear mind. Remember love can always be found again

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      Aoneillposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Glad you brought this up. You can lift your mood by doing something that makes you happy. When I  feels down I'll  start watching The Big Bang Theory; next thing you know I'm laughing. When you're laughing, it's impossible to feel depressed. Try it!