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What Are The Best Dog Chew Toys?

  1. PhoenixV profile image75
    PhoenixVposted 5 years ago

    What Are The Best Dog Chew Toys?

    What Are The Best Dog Chew Toys?

  2. Nature by Dawn profile image76
    Nature by Dawnposted 5 years ago

    My dogs are big chewers. They can chew up almost anything. So I do not get them regular plush toys. And I don't give them things like rawhides either because they tear off big chunks and swallow them whole which can be very dangerous.

    The toys which have lasted the longest are the Kong toys like the regular Kong and the Kong flyer. The Kong Wubba is also really fun. Tuffy's toys have also lasted surprisingly long. They are plush toys but it takes my dogs a really long time to chew up. They did chew the stuffing out of the head of the Tuffy's Octopus but the eight arms still have the stuffing and the squeakers. They have yet to chew up the Tuffy's Gear Ring. Some of their rope toys and fleece rope toys have lasted, but I guess it depends on how well-made it is. The tighter the rope, the longer it lasts. The Buster Food Cube is a great puzzle toy and difficult for my dogs to destroy.

    The FireHose and BottleBuddy dog toys lasted a bit. They did eventually get chewed up but it took longer for my dogs to destroy than a plush toy.

  3. agilitymach profile image96
    agilitymachposted 5 years ago

    Nature is right.  Dog toys are dependent on how much of a chewer your dog is.  I've known some dogs who simply could not have any toys because they chewed them into pieces, and this, of course, becomes an extreme danger for the dog.

    I've known dogs who are such light little chewers that they never even put a hole in a plush toy.

    My dogs are moderate chewers.  They get Kong toys as Nature said.  The Kong "pyramid" looking things have holes in them that I can "stuff" different types of treats into.  I even sometimes stuff soft things, like peanut butter, into them and freeze them.  This gives the dogs a wonderful play item, and they love licking stuff out of their Kongs.

    The hard nylon "Nylabones" are also great.  Be VERY careful.  Nylabones have several different products.  Some are easily chewed up.  I'm talking about the very, very, very hard nylon bones.  If you can't tell the difference at the store (and most people can't), ask for help.

    My dogs biggest "toy" is agility equipment though.  If you don't know what agility equipment is, I have a hub on what a first time agility spectator should know.  That is my dogs most fave thing to do, and they love their "big" toys. smile  BTW, puppies cannot do agility.  They have to be old enough to have their growth plates closed.  Just FYI. smile

  4. RENOTHEP2 profile image60
    RENOTHEP2posted 5 years ago

    The best chew toys for dogs I would say would be femur bones from cows...smoked of course...and only for large dogs and small dogs can chew on small hoofs...of course smoked