What are some fears that affect our pets and how do we help our furry friends ov

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  1. midget38 profile image86
    midget38posted 10 years ago

    What are some fears that affect our pets and how do we help our furry friends overcome them?

  2. mary615 profile image86
    mary615posted 10 years ago

    My miniature Schnauzer has always been very fearful of thunderstorms., and loud noises like fireworks.  Someone told me about the Thundershirt, and now as soon as I hear thunder, or before I expect fireworks,  I put it on her.  It is like a miracle.  She immediately lays down very calmly.
    I used to try and just hold her and reassure her, but that never worked.

  3. freedomsthoughts profile image59
    freedomsthoughtsposted 10 years ago

    Crates or kennels.  Ease the animal, allowing them to feel secure and safe, rather than trapped.

  4. Amy Becherer profile image70
    Amy Bechererposted 10 years ago

    My 4 year old Scottish Terrier rescue, a former Potosi puppy mill resident, is fearless regarding loud noises or many of the normally encountered stressors seen in canine companions.  She is stoic, and has a strong sense of survival, which is why she lived to be 4 years old in a puppy mill.  She was suffering from a massive flea infestation, tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and Giardia.  Her coat was thin, scraggly and patchy.  She shook her head constantly from neglected ear care.  Now, however, you wouldn't recognize her for her shiny, glossy, thick coat, a growing kilt, sparkling eyes and the absence of her perpetual head shaking.  Mackie is incredibly sensitive, though.  She is adept at spotting displeasure and assuming she is at fault.  Sometimes, if I reach for her, it is heartbreaking to see her flinch, duck or hunker down self-protectively.  Unlike my beloved MacGregor, who died in July 2012 from TCC after being my constant companion since he was 3 months old, Mackie doesn't respond as enthusiastically to my 'puppy' voice.  Whereas MacGregor wiggled in delight from head to tail whenever he heard me, Mackie seems overwhelmed and sometimes must look away.  So, with my sweet new Scot, I tone it down.  She's learned the words 'dinner' and 'treat' and responds enthusiastically and eventually, with time and patience, I am hoping she will lose her fear and discover that not all humans are to be mistrusted. 

    I've noticed, in general, that Mackie's demeanor is far more effusive when she encounters human males as opposed to females, which leads me to believe the past has given her reason to be wary of women.  Over time, she will know how much I love her and that she can rest easy, eat hearty and enjoy the rest of her life with me.

  5. Shaddie profile image79
    Shaddieposted 10 years ago

    My dog used to be afraid of thunder when he was younger. In order to combat this, I started taking him on walks when thunder was rolling in the distance. He has since gotten over it, and now he doesn't even mind fireworks during 4th of July. My dog also used to be terrified of a giant exercise ball we have in the house. I started feeding him next to the ball, and now he is so used to it that he tries to play with it whenever I have it out.

    Starting animals out early and gently exposing them to things that might be scary can really help them when it comes to phobias. Animals will develop fears with whatever they are not familiar with or have had a bad experience with. Bad experiences can be "healed" by positive exposure, creating good experiences. Unfamiliar objects can quickly become familiar with a little conditioning.

    Humans inadvertently contribute to some animal fears by coddling them when they are afraid, effectively showing the dog that there really is something to worry about.


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