My dog often doesn't eat unless I eat, what gives?

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    BooRadley00posted 13 months ago

    My dog often doesn't eat unless I eat, what gives?

    If I have to leave in the morning and take breakfast on the go and my dog doesn't actually watch me eat, she won't eat her food.  She'll wait to eat her food until the moment I start to eat dinner, when she sees me next.

    On the weekends, if I rise early and don't eat breakfast right away, she'll wait until I start eating to eat the food she was given right when I got up.

    If she doesn't see me eat at all during the day, her food will sit there until the next morning.



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    davidosposted 13 months ago

    There's a couple of reasons that could be the cause of it. For one, you are your dogs whole life. She could be so attached to you that she simply can not eat until you are around her. She may only feel safe enough to eat when she is with you.

    Another suggestion is that she considers you as the Alpha in your "pack". Dogs instinctively have a pack mentality, and if her Alpha has not had a meal yet, she might not want to eat. Whatever the reason, it is nothing to worry about, because if she is truly hungry she will eat, she just may be more comfortable when you are around.