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Cats food?

  1. maria.rose profile image37
    maria.roseposted 6 years ago

    some one tell me which food is best for Russian cat ???????????

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      Phoebe Pikeposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It really determines on the cat, not necessarily what kind. Most people will try with dry cat food and if the cat refuses to eat it, they switch to wet or a different brand of dry cat food. Also, it is important to establish what it was given directly after its' mother's milk, a lot of kittens refuse to eat anything but what they were given after that.

    2. Eaglekiwi profile image79
      Eaglekiwiposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Caviar smile

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    Brenda Durhamposted 6 years ago

    We give our cats Iams dry cat food.  Although if it were just up to me, I'd be feeding them a cheaper brand of dry food.  But my husband spoils them rotten.  And the Iams does seem to keep them healthier.  Especially for one of them that's prone to getting too fat, we give her the Iams Weight Control food.
    We tried soft food for her right after she was weaned, but it gave her diarrhea, so then we started mixing the dry and soft, then went to just the dry.

  3. GALAXY 59 profile image89
    GALAXY 59posted 6 years ago

    I know a lot of people prefer dried cat food, in fact, I always fed my two cats mostly dried food. The trouble with feeding too much dried food is that it can cause kidney trouble later in life. Always make sure that your cat has plenty of fresh water available as this will help to flush the kidneys and offset the bad effects that dried food can cause. Try alternating dried food with fresh, or mix the two together. Don't overload your cat with too much protien rich food as this too can cause kidney trouble.

    Good luck with you new cat.

  4. Misty39 profile image59
    Misty39posted 6 years ago

    I had problems for many years with Iams,every one of my animals died from kitten to adults also my dogs lost use of their hind legs an eventually died,it's my sole understanding that dry cat/dog food is the same accept it's dehydrated,we would be shocked at what some of the ingredients are in our pets food.I was giving two out of three cats friskies their teeth turned black,their bellies are swollen with fluid like substance(not fat)now the third one is a kitten I found wandering out around in a snow storm,she was very sick,she could not hold any food down at all,I started her on Newmans own cat/dog food,she continued to throw up getting all that old food out of her system,I worked with this kitten for four weeks straight watching her an seeing what and how she was eating,she ate too fast so I gave her smaller portions,she was constantly hungry so she would pick in the trash,or try to get into the dog food or any cat food left around,I removed every thing from her reach,I had to remember she is just like a child,eventually I started puting non-fat plain yogurt in with her food it helped some in settling her messed up tummy,she is now thriving very well,she is gradually gaining weight and she is the most beautiful reward ever.My new cat food has helped her with her growth because it's all natural foods no by products

  5. truthfornow profile image81
    truthfornowposted 6 years ago

    All cats need grain-free food with meat as the number one ingredient.

  6. mightys profile image58
    mightysposted 6 years ago

    "Hill's" dry food is usually the best food for cat's wink

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    Home Girlposted 6 years ago

    My cats eat every kind of meat and fish, meat soups, canned cat food but not dry food. They usually tell me, "Eat your dry cereal yourself." You can easy adjust your cats meal, just give him a little of something new and look at reaction. If he loves it good, if not - give something else. All depends on your budget. If this cat is from Russia, they do not give cats dry food.

  8. CASE1WORKER profile image77
    CASE1WORKERposted 6 years ago

    Bagera has a delicate constitution- he may be suffering from celiac disease which his mum suffers from- apparently hereditary illnesses from mum to cat are quite common.
    Bagera likes a soft mousse pate available in tiny expensive tins or maybe a little hills wet pouch- fresh meat in the form of chicken is also acceptable. If there is too much cereal it comes up almost as soon as it goes down. Tiggy has what he has