Chinchillas are more popular than ever

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    mca1895posted 9 years ago

    Chinchillas are more popular than ever. Lately, all the pet stores are selling a few chinchillas here and there. People are realizing what a great pet they can be. In comparison to other rodent pets like the hamster, gerbil, rabbit, and rats, some people definitely believe that chinchillas are the better pet. Personally, I have had just about every type of pet. I love them all! But after having hamsters that die in just a few years, I knew my heart was not ready to be broken so quickly again. That is when I decided a chinchilla was best. In captivity if cared for properly, they can live up to 18 years. Chinchillas are more like a companion than a pet.

    If you want a pet that doesn't have an odor, they are definitely the best. Chinchillas are considered the odorless pet. For the most part, they will urinate in one spot in the cage. If the dropping should get outside the cage, they are easily cleaned up with a vacuum.

    Consider getting a chinchilla from a breeder and not a pet store. You are less likely to have one with health problems with one bought from a breeder than a pet store. Since chinchillas are becoming so popular and they are being seen more and more in pet shops, some people are breeding them as a hobby. This can be okay, but is not always the best thing. Consider everything before breeding your chinchilla. There can be many risks involved.

    Before getting a chinchilla or any pet, always research them to be certain that you are sure of your decision.

    Here is a list of things that you will need when getting a Chinchilla. It will help you get started.
    1. Large cage, the taller the better since Chinchillas love to climb. (plastic can be toxic to them so try not to buy a cage with plastic)
    2. Exercise Wheel to keep your Chinchilla healthy and strong.
    3. Bedding ( do not use pine or cedar) Must use Care Fresh or Aspen
    4. Fresh Water Daily (best to use bottled water or sterilized)
    5. Pellet Food made specifically for Chinchillas (do not use other kinds)
    6. Chewing toys to keep the teeth healthy (certain wood can be harmful)
    7. Fresh Hay Daily (must use loose Timothy Hay)
    8. Dust for a bath (must not be scented)
    9. They need an environment that is never too hot (try to maintain less than 75 degrees)