my baby girl (lacis)

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    ccrowderposted 6 years ago
    I have a pekingnese and yes I love her like she is my own child an she is my last dog when I started I had 3 dogs. I had to give one up because of this awful disease I have, but she went to the greatest home ever. Then I had to put my sunshine down in april and if any body has had a pet that is the hardest thing to go through. So now I have her daughter an I love her so much, but I cant do what I want to do with her and wow is she so active for a 9 year old pekingnese. She is the world to me I am unable to get around and that puts a damper on everything. She is so intellegent of course all dogs are intellegent they scare me sometimes I really think they are smarter than humans= LOL.  people always putting pics and short movies on you tube about their pets an yes I love to watch them. I see the ones playing with their pets an then I see them playing on their own. But I wander how many people really understand how smart pets can be. I see my baby girl do things that amaze me then I get to think how intellegent she is. They can honestly talk to us but its in their own way. I see mine just starring at me and its so strange I sometimes know what she wants. And they say dogs are'nt  the smartest thing on earth (not). All I wanted to say is PLEASE dont call any pet dumb.!!!!!!!!!!!!                          PET LOVER

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      tlmcgaa70posted 6 years agoin reply to this

      CCrowder...i agree with you that animals are very intelligent. you might be interested in reading what i said about it in my hub Understanding Our Pets. if so you can use this link to get to it. … g-our-pets

      your baby is adorable and looks like a real loving loyal friend. i have been rescuing cats for11 yrs now, and i have lost a few. because i become so deeply attached to them it is very hard to lose them, so i understand how you felt. i hope things go as well as can be for you and your baby...i hope she lives for many years yet.

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    Sneha Sunnyposted 6 years ago

    such a cutie..... I'm in love with her.....