Just found out my wife and I are having a baby girl

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  1. Ruben Rivera profile image61
    Ruben Riveraposted 12 years ago

    So my wife had the ultrasound and the technician goes " I'm pretty sure it's a girl" so at that point I started thinking "how should I start my gun collection?" yeah I started thinking about when she starts dating and all these thoughts came to my mind, how will I protect her, will I be a good dad, and so on?

    So any dads out there with any advice on raising daughters, what's your technique to scare away dates, lol just kidding.

    I'm just concerned, want to protect my baby girl, wow can't wait for when she's born.

    1. pisean282311 profile image64
      pisean282311posted 12 years agoin reply to this

      congrats man...not dad yet so can't give any inputs on that...

    2. WryLilt profile image89
      WryLiltposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations! I have a year old daughter, so she's not dating yet - so I'm sorry but I can't give any advice.

      I have written a guide for helping new dads deal with pregnancy, birth and babies however! smile

      Good luck and I'm sure you'll do great.

      1. Mark Bronze profile image59
        Mark Bronzeposted 12 years agoin reply to this

        Great news. Best wishes to all of you. Your daughter will start to outsmart you when she turns three so don't waste money on a gun. lol

    3. lyndre profile image61
      lyndreposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congrats. just enjoy every day as they grow up quicker than you think.
      I know because any day now my daughter is going to make me a grandad for the first time,and it doesn,t seem that long ago she was only a baby herself.

    4. lakeerieartists profile image63
      lakeerieartistsposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations!  I have two daughters, 17, and 13, and I am so thrilled to be their mom, but my older daughter is just starting to date, and I can tell that my husband is totally freaking out!  We don't have any guns, but that is probably best, or some boys out there might be in danger.  LOL.

      Really though, enjoy your daughter.  smile

  2. sofs profile image75
    sofsposted 12 years ago

    Congrats! you sound so excited and happy .. so lovely
    Never had daughters myself would have loved one..  just enjoy the waiting period taking good care of the Mom to be.. smile

  3. Mikeydoes profile image45
    Mikeydoesposted 12 years ago

    Awesome very happy for you! My brother just had a baby, first kid of our generation of kids, everyone is so excited. Babies can certainly brighten up your day!

  4. readytoescape profile image60
    readytoescapeposted 12 years ago

    Firstly, Congratulations I hope you and your wife are blessed with a happy, healthy and beautiful daughter.

    Secondly, you and your wallet have my condolences, as explained in portions of this rather long-winded hub,  http://hubpages.com/hub/readytoescapesobservations,

    Though you may just want to skip down to section “Beautiful Predators” or especially “Boys vs. Girls”

    As to the Gun collection, my experience shows for tweener boys, long guns and a disdainful glare are the most impressive, as these boys become teenagers especially those that hold a driver’s license, large caliber handguns are the most intimidating.

    I recommend the one I chose, a .44 caliber Stainless Steel, Ruger Redhawk, with a 7 ¼ “ barrel, it will pretty much stop a 350 cu. Engine at a hundred yards dead in it’s tracks, or blow right through the tail gate and the back seat to take out the rogue driver past curfew get away.

    The below method works as well as a deterrent.

  5. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations on your impending fatherhood. Gawd help you 13 years down the line, but that's another worry!
    As a mum of 5 daughters - I can say been that done that, got the T-shirt, but I wouldn't swap my girls for anything!

  6. SomewayOuttaHere profile image61
    SomewayOuttaHereposted 12 years ago

    ...congrats....don't know what it'll be like in the future...call block came in handy for me at one time....doesn't work that way now...and whisperin' the rules to the boys over and over....figured they'd remember my words and have me in their thoughts and see my face when the time was right (or i should say wrong?) smile......just enjoy and don't worry about later for now....smile

  7. katiem2 profile image60
    katiem2posted 12 years ago

    Congrats!  Girls ROCK!  big_smile

  8. Wendy Krick profile image67
    Wendy Krickposted 12 years ago

    I'm so excited for you!

  9. georgiecarlos profile image61
    georgiecarlosposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! And I may not be a parent but maybe I can share a few things from a daughter's point of view? Try not to be too overbearing because when your daughter will reach that age and might want to get to know a few boys, if you don't allow her or too strict, this might cause a few arguments between the two of you. Why not just try to establish a really good and open relationship, so that she feels she can run to you for everything, no matter how awkward or embarrassing. And through that, you both can set certain agreements or boundaries (like curfews, etc)and am sure she will be more willing to listen and follow your requests. Well, it worked for me smile

    And if this doesn't help, you can always go for the gun thing big_smile My dad does not show his guns but whenever a boy visits me, my Dad displays his huge trophies he won in various shooting competitions smile Haha!

    Good luck and congratulations again!

  10. Ruben Rivera profile image61
    Ruben Riveraposted 12 years ago

    Wow so much experience in here, and thanks to all the replies for your kind words and advice, I will certainly take notes.  I am in the Marines so I have always pondered, should I raise my kids military style, moderate military, not military, wow so many choices lol, seriously though my baby girl is not even born and yet I feel i have to protect her already, it's a good feeling.

    Can't wait.

  11. Cagsil profile image73
    Cagsilposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! smile big_smile

  12. rotl profile image60
    rotlposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations man! How exciting. I don't have a daughter yet, but I share your concerns. I am freaked about guys, dating etc. Us guys, we know what (most) guys are like, and that scares me to death too.

    All the best wishes to you.

  13. CYBERSUPE profile image60
    CYBERSUPEposted 12 years ago

    How wonderful and God Bless !

  14. kirutaye profile image68
    kirutayeposted 12 years ago

    Lovely news. Congratulations!

    My husband is the same way; overprotective of his little girl.
    Our daughter is 5 and she came home the other day from school and said "Mum, Charlie is my boyfriend."

    And i thought, "Ah, isnt that sweet?"

    My hubby was more like, "He better keep away from her"


    1. Woman Of Courage profile image60
      Woman Of Courageposted 12 years agoin reply to this

      Congratulations! I am happy for you. smile

  15. ns1209 profile image65
    ns1209posted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! smile

  16. Precious Pearl profile image78
    Precious Pearlposted 12 years ago

    A child is such a precious gift!  Congratulations!!

  17. wychic profile image82
    wychicposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! Any day now my husband will have his fourth girl (she's a week past her estimated due date), and he seems to be going through the very same thought processes since the moment he found out I was pregnant...he decided from the start that this would be a girl, so when the ultrasound proved him right it didn't really change his thinking.

    For scaring dates...well, I hear with his oldest he did a pretty darn good job of that by just happening to be sharpening axes when her date turned up, and had a nice long talk with him about how important how his daughter is treated is to him...along with a short run-down of my husband's previous temper issues, including inciting two riots. It didn't work too well for scaring the date AWAY, but he was scared enough to treat her really well for the year and a half they were together wink. That said, he does have one of those sunshiney personalities that really makes people want to take him at his word rather than test just how much he'll enjoy carrying out his promises.

  18. kirstenblog profile image81
    kirstenblogposted 12 years ago

    Awww what great news! You sound like you will probaby be a great dad just by the enthusiasm you express here, try not to worry too much. Dads and daughters seem to have a special bond, guess Moms and sons have a similar special bond smile

  19. profile image0
    Toby Hansenposted 12 years ago

    Congratulations! I am reaching for my cigar drawer as I type smile

    As for protecting your daughter later on, just be there for her and always let her know that you are.

  20. matherese profile image60
    mathereseposted 12 years ago


  21. Revu2007 profile image59
    Revu2007posted 12 years ago

    Wonderful news - congrats! Happy for you both smile

  22. profile image0
    khmohsinposted 12 years ago

    Thats Cool, Congratulations Man...

  23. profile image50
    Lia Voldeposted 7 years ago

    Some future parents always get this scare. There is a great way to cope - seminars for future parents and role-playing games. These two ways usually make all the doubts vanish!


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