Guinea Pig Jealous of new Cat?

  1. Spamalot profile image37
    Spamalotposted 6 years ago

    Recently my boyfriend moved into my apartment and brought his gentle cat to live with us. At first my guinea pig, Theodore, didn't seem to care that there was a cat here and paid little to no attention to her, but lately every time Velcro(the cat) comes to me for attention, Theodore starts wheeking, whining, biting his cage bars, or running in circles like a mad man until i go over to him. Could he be jealous that mom is giving attention to something else, even though Velcro has been here for almost a month?

    1. labnol profile image60
      labnolposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Practically guinea pigs are not at all intelligent. You can't compare their intelligence with Dogs or even cats...

      I think the guinea pig is not very comfortable with Velcro's presence.. :-/

      does he makes all that sounds 7 moves only when you are with Velcro?

      1. Spamalot profile image37
        Spamalotposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Well, he wheeks whenever he is hungry and/or someone happens to be close to the refrigerator (he's figured out that's where his veggies come from). Other than that, yes he only seems to really start going nuts after about 3 minutes or so of velcro and I having some time together. When I take him out he'll start to purr and cuddle up in my lap, even when velcro is close by. He also doesn't mind if she's watching him while he runs about in his playpen and has even gone up to her a few times but it just scares the crap out of Velcro most of the time.