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True Tales From the Dark Side

Updated on September 18, 2016

Moving as a ghost in the startlight...

... a product of his imagination.
... a product of his imagination.


... is the transmitting and reproduction of words, sounds or images, from or through the subconscious mind, of an impersonal entity. As the pipe doesn't create water, but receives it from an external source.

In fact I

used to write

I think I am

close to people who channel


I am using mixed media techniques to get messages through, from "impersonal entities": mostly I am making Blackout Poetry -- a writer who writes by erasing words! --, but I am also into Scrapbooking, or Art Journaling, or Instrumental Trans Communication.

Yes, I sometimes find strange voices and sounds on my tablet. A case of EVP (*)? I don't know...

So, here are some Tales From The Dark Side!

(*) Electronic Voice Phenomenon) recording the voices I find


A scrapbook is simply a decorated photo album that also preserves the stories behind the photos (called journaling), it can also hold memorabilia (tickets, certificates, letters, etc.). You might have a family album as well as smaller theme albums for vacations, home improvement or a baby’s first year. Some scrapbookers create an album for each family member.

Immerse yourself

in the monk's meditations and chanting.

Don't be left behind!

The efficient eradication of words...

... launches highly secretive communications.
... launches highly secretive communications.

Never been illuminated...

Light is too bright.
Light is too bright. | Source

Strange plane



in the sky

fly low

and disappear

Would like to come over and join...

... the dark side!
... the dark side!

Yellowed Photo Mystery

My grandfather

at the age of 106

showed a yellowed photo

to document

the mystery of

the remains of Noah

The Electronic Voice Phenomenon: I Will Send You On A Quest

Because of time travel

we did not arrive

in a large and stylish hall

The Secrets of the Ancient

He did

know the secrets of the ancient


paid him a visit

hoping to be enlightened

left none the wiser

and slipped

away from this life

To be a ghost

with presence in past centuries

able to see more than

an archaeologically correct reconstruction

always troublingly aware

of the predecessors

She is lost and gone for ever...

Why didn't we notice?
Why didn't we notice?

Extreme close


through the dark


black heavens opened

and we once again

in the netter world of


The Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Dream Dreams, Dream Deeper


in ecstatic states

receive angels

(a Saviour)

the world has

never known

We have direct evidence...

Clementine was flung out of Earth orbit last July.
Clementine was flung out of Earth orbit last July.

To be a white dwarf...

... light years away,

the shape of things to come;

you don't exist,

according to


To be


to be

our innermost


Brilliant how he somehow...

just shouldn't be there!
just shouldn't be there!


a series of

frames separated by dark




ence until you


within your mind. What

you see doesn't really

exist. It is

an optical illusion.

I spent about seven years in total...

... illumination
... illumination



in lines


on a screen



mental illusion

Whence came the maze?

Man draws lines and sometimes they happen to look like things.
Man draws lines and sometimes they happen to look like things.


a series of

notes separated by


the perception of

the listener supplies

music or noise

Music is an auditory illusion.

Through the illusions of perception

we perceive what is there.

Maltese Temple

There -- may be something there -- invisible -- the Truth?
There -- may be something there -- invisible -- the Truth?

Remember Noah...

... and the rain

restrained. And the Ark

rested upon the Mountains of Ararat.

This Ancient Alien...

... was very inch a gentleman.
... was very inch a gentleman.

We won't bore you with more...

For this time!
For this time!


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