Death Of The Innocent

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    Abbiegayleposted 9 years ago

    By Lady Abbiegayle
    I went back to him, Mum.
    Despite what you said.
    You said he wouldn't change, Mum.
    If only I'd listen to you instead.
    I felt you betrayed me, Mum.
    Cause, you couldn't see things like I did.
    That's why I went away, Mum.
    I know you think you are always right, Mum
    Maybe this time you are not.
    Please do not worry about us, Mum.
    You'll see everything will be alright.
    Now as I lie on this cold floor, Mum.
    Wondering where my babies are, are they safe?
    I only hope your next through the door, Mum.
    As I lie here the night�s events and what you said run through my head.
    If only I could remember the thing I forgot to do, Mum.
    What did we do to deserve this fate?
    How could someone be this cruel, Mum?
    He held a gun to my head to seal my fate.
    I am sorry for all the times you lead me down the right path, Mum.
    I did not follow.
    If I'd listened to what you said, Mum.
    I'd be with you tomorrow.
    I tried to walk away, Mum.
    Like you said I should try to do.
    I could not get away this time, Mum.
    Despite all I tried to do.
    I 'm lying here dying now, Mum.
    I wish you could get here soon.
    How could this happen, Mum?
    My whole life just popped like a balloon.
    There is blood all around me now, Mum.
    Cause the wounds to my head.
    I tried to work things out like you said, Mum.
    I know now I will soon be dead.
    What of my babies, Mum?
    Are they to have my same fate?
    I just turned my head, Mum.
    I just realize, they to are to have my same fate.
    How could he do this, Mum?
    I gave him all I could.
    We are lying here dying, Mum
    All he can do is stand there and stare.
    He told the police that I did this to us, Mum.
    He has taken our lives.
    I'm feeling sharp pains now, Mum.
    The pain feels like a knife.
    Someone should have taught him, Mum.
    You shouldn't abuse your wife.
    If they would have taught him, Mum.
    We would still have our lives.
    Tell the family not to cry, Mum.
    Tell my Daddy to be brave.
    When we finally go to heaven, Mum
    Please put my babies and me in one grave.
    It's getting harder to breathe now, Mum.
    I'm not scared you taught me Angles would guide us through.
    Please try not to cry for me, Mum.
    When I needed you, you were there.
    I need to ask one more question, Mum.
    So, before I say good-bye.
    We never hurt anyone, Mum.
    So why are we the ones to die?