How Do You Save Money on Jewelry-Making Materials in Your Own Words?

  1. talfonso profile image82
    talfonsoposted 4 years ago

    I have a budget on how to spend on jewelry making materials with my PayPal allowance. Each time I reach the HubPages payment threshold, I'd wait for 24 hours, then I shop online for my beading supplies. My set budget is 40% of the payment. (40% of the minimum amount is $20).

    My favorite place to shop for beads is ArtBeads. I love the fact that they sell by the piece, which allows me to control my spending. The free shipping minimum of $10 is really doable and it fits my budget. I am a huge Swarovski fan, and their pieces can be pretty pricy. Again, they sell by the piece so I can gauge how much I'm spending. I make a list using the add to favorites feature as well as a physical list so I don't overspend. I shop at the site only at days when there's a coupon code for a percent off my purchase.

    As for wire, findings, and other stuff? I buy some at Walmart and some at Joann, using a coupon.

    What are your methods for saving for jewelry making supplies like beads and findings?