What are your favorite ways to save money?

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  1. TheBlondie profile image60
    TheBlondieposted 9 years ago

    What are your favorite ways to save money?

    I'm going off to college next fall, so I'm saving as much as possible...but I don't think a jar of spare coins will cut it! Anyone have any clever ways to save money?

  2. ZIa Ahmed khan profile image40
    ZIa Ahmed khanposted 9 years ago

    First look how you spend money. Write down essential things on priority basis. " First things First". Then start reducing unwanted things.
    1. Stop weekend parties and outings.
    2. Stop eating outside food.( restaurents)-Eating out
    3.Reduce smoking.Americans spend $80 billion on cigarettes per year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    4. No drinks.
    5. No carbonted drinks. ( PEPSI, Coca cola etc.)
    6.ATM fees
    7.Lottery tickets
    8.Infomercial impulse buys
    9.Brand-name groceries
    10.Daily Internet deals
    11.Bundled cable or phone services
    And you are done, you may save upto 20% every month.
    8.Gourmet coffee

  3. profile image56
    CindyLGposted 9 years ago

    There are two easy ways to save money - cut your existing bills down, and spend less on things you need in the future. What I do when I need to save money is start buying things second-hand. This may not sound like fun at first, but whether it's clothing, cute boots for fall, or a dresser for your apartment, there are plenty of resale shops and consignment stores to try. Look for ones in expensive neighborhoods to find high-end stuff at cheap prices. Ebay is another of my favorites! Designer jeans can be had for $5-$10 and $300 handbags for $50 or less. Amazon sells used textbooks for school, and Craig's list is a good place to find a used bike.

    Good luck and hope that helps!

  4. LittlePayday profile image61
    LittlePaydayposted 9 years ago

    I agree with the advice given but the previous answerees too. Cut out any unnecessary spending. save up any additional money you have and don't use it for anything you don't need. It is also helpful to get a part time job, for extra spending money, while you're in school.
    Also, the biggest thing I do is pack my lunch when i go to work. Buying lunch every day, even just a few times a week, adds up to a lot of money.

  5. Peter Owen profile image60
    Peter Owenposted 9 years ago

    Pay yourself first evey paycheck. set a savings amount and have this taken out of your paycheck or checking account on payday and put in a savings account. You will get used to not spending this amount.

  6. FranYo profile image60
    FranYoposted 9 years ago

    One easy rule I make for myself when I want to save is this:

    Don't go shopping!  I know it sounds silly, but if I don't see something to buy, if I'm not tempted, then I don't spend money. 

    Another way to encourage this (both not shopping & saving) is to keep money OUT of my purse.  Any money I do have "floating around" I put into a roll, organized by denomination, and in a glass jar where I can see the roll grow.  I make a commitment to myself that I won't subtract from that roll, and I keep that promise. 

    And, oh....another thing.  I was surprised to find that the jar I had above the washing machine/dryer, where I put all the money from pockets collected over six months, added up to $80!!  WooHoo!

  7. Variety Writer profile image60
    Variety Writerposted 9 years ago

    Doing a random act like paying for the Starbucks coffee bill for the person in line behind me. My favorite way to spend money is to give it to someone who needs it.

  8. edhan profile image51
    edhanposted 9 years ago

    My favorite way of saving is making my money grows. I tend to invest on low cost items and re-sell it to people. In school, I used to collect cards and re-sell them to friends who are looking for them.

    In those days, my friends loved catching spiders but they are lazy. So, I will do the job for them and they paid me. I helped my neighbors to clear their rubbish and clean their houses. They paid me for those jobs.

    I love most is buying and selling stuffs that can be profitable most of the time.

  9. profile image48
    debbyrayposted 9 years ago

    What are your favorite ways to save money?

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