The Forum Player:

  1. Darknlovely3436 profile image74
    Darknlovely3436posted 8 years ago

    He scouts his vitcims like a thief in the night;
    He read they profile to his/her heart delight;
    He comes the Weakest link;

    They click on your screen name, and they smiles;
    Is she/him the one whom I will claim,
    They click! You response,, Yeah! I am in, who's to blame.

    Hello beautiful, they reply!  what is your name?
    Are you, the one, whom I have been looking for?
    Are you, the one my heart so desperately, desired?
    Hello! hello! are you there? Come on now let's shared.

    You have a face like and Angel"
    But I have your wings?
    We need to connect, lets exchange rings,
    My e-mail address is 666 Hotmail.con
    Please send me your e-mail address , when we done"

    By-the-way what you wearing?"
    throng or silk satan, , to me is just the same.
    Because it's just a

    All women are not he same,
    They seek my love, out of desperation,
    They will do anything;

    I am a bad desperado, the Forum Police, cannot clip my wings;
    Right now, I am up to four women,
    Some young sweet things,
    Fighting for my Love, "Oh what a dreams,
    "Oh what a dream.        By Darknlovely 3436.  4/7/2009