What is your favourite method of quilting?

  1. JanTUB profile image86
    JanTUBposted 23 months ago

    When I began quiltmaking in 1983, I sewed the patches by hand, then by machine, and quilted by hand for about ten years. Each large quilt would take me about a year to quilt in betwen life's demands.

    Because I was making more and more quilts, between writing quiltmaking books, a magazine column and touring Australia teaching patchwork, I needed to tackle machine quilting which I now love doing.

    However, you can quilt while you chat to others when you quilt by hand, a problem when machine quilting. The quilts are softer when hand quilted, while you can really heavily quilt your quilts with stippling and design quilting. Of course they are finished faster!

    What is your poison? Hand or machine?
    Jan T

  2. Joyce Fischer profile image73
    Joyce Fischerposted 20 months ago

    I prefer machine piecing and hand quilting. It depends  on the purpose. For children's quilts or something very utilitarian quilts, I might also machine quilt.