Do you know what a "tortillion" is used for in drawing a picture?

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    rvsourceposted 8 years ago

    Do you know what a "tortillion" is used for in drawing a picture?

    An instrument used for shading a drawing or other kind of sketching

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    juno3618posted 8 years ago

    A Tortillion looks like a rolled up piece of paper with a tip.  There are different sizes of tortillions for different uses in shading your pencil drawings.  When you are using charcoal, it can be used to minimize the darkness of the charcoal and the amount of charcoal used in the stroke on the paper if you make a mistake.  Or It can be used to smooth the different lines together.  It is much easier than just using a paper towel..

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    lorghposted 8 years ago

    Well, I never know the name other than a blender.
    You can make your own using paper towels.  I like blending with paper towels for large areas.
    I did purchase a plastic blender from the art store.  It works okay but the colorless blender is better.
    Color blenders makes color pencils darker(including crayolas color pencils)
    The larger the plastic blender the more $$ it cost, this is why I purchased the colorless blender.  You have woodless and pencil type.
    Try using an ebony and woodless pencils. They are nice. Plus the electric eraser is cool tool. (great for small highlights and hard to reach places. )
    Speaking of pastels, woodless graphite is simular and less messy.

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