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How do I get a good driver's license picture?

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    onlinehypnosis...posted 8 years ago

    How do I get a good driver's license picture?

    I am sure that there are a ton of people out there that hate getting a new driver's license - becuase they will have to live with an ugly picture for the next 4 years!

    Is there anything we can do to help this process?  For example, makeup ideas, positioning, smiling vs. not smiling, etc?


  2. pendell2 profile image62
    pendell2posted 8 years ago

    The same way you get any good picture, only the process is rushed, and the DMV doesn't care about your lighting and will only give you 1 shot.


           I have a great driver's license picture.  I'm a woman, so  I did my hair and makeup, wore lipstick, and put on a shirt in a color that I know I look good in.  Photographers generally say that black and white will make you look ill.
      When I got to the DMV and it was my turn to have my picture taken, I looked down at my feet, tried to get a good expression on my face and then looked up.  I did not look up until I was ready, as I knew the DMV employee would take the picture right away.
      I hope these tips help you to get a great picture on your license!

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    J. Kummposted 8 years ago

    now that's an oxymoron: good drivers license picture

    here's another question

    is it possessive driver's or plural drivers

    ...the world may never know

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    jonywokerposted 6 years ago

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    jonardgolleposted 5 years ago

    Funny but this is a valid inquiry. Of course you would not want to live the next 4 years of your life having to hide your driver's license. The hard part about all these is by the time that you get your turn to have your picture taken, you look all too tired or harassed from standing in line for too long. I only have one answer to this... RETOUCH. The men would not have a trouble on this part because they can do it in a jiffy. Just ask someone to hold your position on the line while you go freshen up. Just avoid putting on something heavy before you leave home since this can be ruined by sweat later on. You can just put the final touches moments before you go in front of the camera.