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is it hard to learn to knit?

  1. profile image43
    dorilovesyouposted 7 years ago

    is it hard to learn to knit?

    my friend knows how to knit and i know how to crochet, but im worried i wont be able to learn knitting.

  2. micadeolu profile image49
    micadeoluposted 7 years ago

    No, its not hard to learn to knit. You can learn that from some websites that offer that service or a paid tutorial on line  depending on how financially wealthy you are.

  3. Ivorwen profile image74
    Ivorwenposted 7 years ago

    I taught myself to knit in an afternoon, continental style, just by trial and error, after observing how the stitches work together.  There are some very good guides on YouTube to help you get started and keep going.

  4. Miragi profile image61
    Miragiposted 7 years ago

    I think the hardest thing to learn about knitting is how to hold the yarn and getting tension down to a science. I taught myself, and am still learning.  Watching Knit/Crochet Today (I think that's the right title) on PBS, and online tutorials has helped me immensely.  Don't think of it in terms of "worrying", but as another way to be creative, relieve stress and work with that addictive fiber called yarn smile