I am having trouble doing a pocket stitch. Any suggestions?

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    leslm1234posted 7 years ago

    I am having trouble doing a pocket stitch.  Any suggestions?

    I am just starting. I am trying to finish my first afghan for my grandmother.  There are specific instructions, but I don't understand them.  Pocket st: Working from front to back, (sc, hdc, dc) around st indicated.  Then after that row I have to work behind it and make a row of dc. I understand all basic stitches. Not the "working behind" part and I might not be doing the first part correctly either. I stitched the pocket stitch by doing the "(sc, hdc, dc)" in order, in the same stitch. "The working from front to back" I am also not 100% sure of as well.

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    coloharpareposted 6 years ago

    You didn't pick the easiest pattern for a beginner!  Try this slightly different description

    Pocket stitch, or shell baskets, or open shells:
    Inserting hook from front to back *to front* around *post* (vertical bar) of specified st each time, work (sc, hdc, dc).

    You don't work this stitch in the top of the stitch below, as you normally would, but around the vertical part of the stitch.  Then you usually skip one or two stitches...it should say in your directions...and do a sc in the next st.

    So, for the next row, you want to work in the scs between the "pockets", AND in the one or two stitches you skipped ('behind' the pockets.

    Hope this helps.  If not, I would suggest an alternate stitch like popcorns or bobbles.