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Generally which type of candle we have to use and how can we made it with own h

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    scottmartin005posted 6 years ago

    Generally  which type of candle we have to use and how can we made it with own hands?

    Generally  which type of candle we have to use and how can we made it with own hands?

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    Doc Snowposted 6 years ago

    Historically, candles have been made of either tallow--basically animal fat--or wax.  There are two basic methods.  Either you can build up a 'taper' by successively dipping the candle's wick into the wax or tallow while it is molten, then allowing it to harden, or you can pour the molten material into a mold inside which the wick is hanging.

    It's important that the material and size of the candle wick is matched to the size and material of the tallow or wax; if not, the candle may smoke excessively, melt too fast, or tend to go out.  People have generally experimented to get this right, though I imagine that a little research online will turn up any number of 'recipes' that work well.

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    garrychristianposted 6 years ago


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    shomaabhyankarposted 6 years ago

    I guess parraffin wax candles are most common and they can be made easily at home. These can be scented as per your wish and any mold can be used , in fact even empty juice cartons can be used as molds. I have made many candles from my kitchen and have put up a successful exhibition cum sale.
    you can buy paraffin wax and wick strips from craft shops of your city/country and take an empty carton for mold i.e if you do not want to purchase a metal mold. insert the wick from bottom of mold and tie its loose end. the other end can be so supported that the wick hangs in the mold and is secure at the bottom.Pour melted and scented wax in the mold and let the mold cool in a water bath.oil the mold before pouring wax. once cool the candle comes out  from the mold by cutting the tied end and pulling at the hanging end.
    hope this is what you are looking for.Happy candle crafting