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What is the best photo processing software to use if you have a Nikon DSLR camer

  1. doodlebugs profile image81
    doodlebugsposted 6 years ago

    What is the best photo processing software to use if you have a Nikon DSLR camera and use a Mac?

    Which photo processing program, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, etc, is the most versatile and powerful?

  2. WD Curry 111 profile image61
    WD Curry 111posted 6 years ago

    Personally, I don't see how you can beat a full version (from a disk) of Photoshop. It helps to use a pen pad or interactive screen with a pen that you can quickly access brush sizes and styles. You can use the pen to dodge or burn like old school "fanning" in the darkroom. Don't over do it. Set it on 4 or 5%. The selective color feature can't be beat. If you get that wired, it replaces brightness, contrast, saturation, levels and all.

    Now, if you just want to process a bunch of  personal shots, It is hard to beat iPhoto in the Mac Pac that comes with the computer. The controls are sensitive, but they work. Say you use a photo on a hub and it is too cool and dark. You can access, change and save the tweeked version in no time.

    If web hosts would wake up and use more highly developed layout programs, we would not have to switch to a funky edit mode and save more than half of our time. I'll never understand why they settle for second best when it isn't even a close second.

  3. Canon Camera Guy profile image60
    Canon Camera Guyposted 6 years ago

    I would tend to agree with WD Curry 111, if you're after full processing power, you can't beat Photoshop. I don't use a Mac, but the operability should be the same as with a PC.
    Where I disagree, is for quick processing of personal shots.
    I prefer Nero Photosnap. It's a free piece of software that's avialable for PC or Mac.
    I camer across it by accident, years ago, and have used it ever since.
    Operation is very simple and it allows you to adjust exposure, colour balance, brightness, contrast, etc. It has the ability to resize and crop, and has the obligatory special effects that seem standard nowadays.
    As with most aplications like this, accessing, editing and saving is all very quick and easy.

  4. tim-tim profile image74
    tim-timposted 6 years ago

    I personally don't use a Mac and have a Nikon D90. I am currently using Element 8 and Lightroom 3. I am pretty happy with those for the purpose of editing. I do a lot of portraits and just love the combination of the two programs. I think they are coming out with a newer version. I don't think I would want to invest more money into other software. I heard Nik software is good as well but it is too expensive for me. There is a trial you can sign up for certain features. I hope this helps. Happy shooting!

  5. profile image51
    annie2134posted 4 years ago

    well, I'm not a professional photo editor, but I do portraits, and I'd love to enhance them by using photo face editor to beautify their faces and bodies, but the most important thing I keep in mind is to be natural and not over edit.

    you may look for some info here: http://www.arcsoft.com/portraitplus/
    It has plug-in for ps: http://www.arcsoft.com/portraitplus/plu … tures.html