Black roses do you know what they actually mean?

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    thejester18posted 3 years ago

    Black roses do you know what they actually mean?

    Let's see who knows. After five wrong answers I will verify what it really means. This doesn't go to show how smart you are not trying to be mean just a triva question.

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    AC-DCposted 3 years ago

    Black roses are a type of rose that you have to be extremely careful in giving. They probably have the most potential to cause a misunderstanding if given to the wrong person.

    This color is symbolic of death and depression as well as with loss of hope. It is associated with both sadness and melancholy. If you gift this to someone, you are expressing black thoughts such as wanting life to leave the recipient or from yourself because you are unhappy and have given up. It's the shade of sorrow and can also stand for someone leaving your life - a farewell flower you might say.