Error in uploading Photos, is it on my side or Hubpages?

  1. dwachira profile image80
    dwachiraposted 5 years ago

    Error in uploading Photos, is it on my side or Hubpages?

    Am getting the following error in a photo capsule while uploading photos in my hub: [An error occurred while uploading the file]. This happens while am on hub edit mode and started yesterday (06/25/2012).

    Even here on the questions section, I have noted the same error and I can't include the error photo I intended to upload. What could be the problem? I was thinking checking on my graphics drivers but then I will wait for suggestions first. Thanks.

  2. BraidedZero profile image91
    BraidedZeroposted 5 years ago

    Your drive won't be the problem. The problem will come down to the way you stored the file on your computer. If you pulled the file from the web then it could fall on the way that the person uploaded the file to the web before you downloaded the file, except that you should be able to change that. Above the error you should have received some kind of message. You "should" have. If you aren't receiving one then it might be Hubpages but I would say that it is most likely the file you're trying to upload. I don't know if they have a restriction on the size of a file you can upload here but that might be a problem as well. I would say check how you saved it first then find out what kind of files Hubpages supports.