Does each person like to look classy or most people like rough & tough life??

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    Tabeer maanposted 17 months ago

    Does each person like to look classy or most people like rough & tough life??

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    There are people who want the better things in life & accomplish this.  However, such people are very few & far between.  Most people have a tough life, mostly because of their consciousness & mindset level.  Many have been strongly inculcated in the premise that while it is well & good to be successful, one is not to be too successful.  The main gist is to be moderately successful as to be too successful means that one will become too prideful.

    Most people believe that a tough life builds character.  They are of the school that life is difficult & that belief becomes implanted in their subconscious.  They see life as a neverending daily battle which doesn't end until death.  They view an easier life as somewhat negative.  They have that consciousness that a hard, tough life is morally, even spiritually superior to a life which is easy.  They may even contend that they are unworthy to have a life of ease.  They also have a belief that only a lucky few have a good, easy life while the rest will have a life full of trials & tribulations.

    Many people also believe that it is somehow immoral to have a cultivated, easy life without worries.  They may even view such a life as decadent & extravagant.  They believe that the harder a life, the better people they will be.  This is part of the poverty consciousness of scarcity & lack.  There are people reared on this philosophy & such permeates their consciousness & approach to life & success.  They are the people who settle for crumbs instead of reaching their ultimate success potential.  They think that by settling, they are being realistic instead of being fantastical by reaching what they believe are impossible, unrealistic ideas of success.

    These are the people who are envious of those who aspire to higher goals & standards of living.  They feel that the latter espouse a materialistic way of life.   Those at the struggle/lack & moderate/mediocre level view anyone w/higher goals to be materialistic because h/she wants a better life.  They are the soul destroying people who contend that if everyone's standard of success/achievement/living should be the same as theirs.  They are the type of person who will demean, even destroy those who aim for a higher classification of success..