in the ruts... currently in writers block

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  1. sun goddess profile image60
    sun goddessposted 16 years ago

    anyone got a cure for a writer's block? it's frustrating when you're right in front of the pc and you don't have anything useful to blog about....

    any topic you might suggest?

    and, uh.... well... i'm not really a good blogger or anything... but is there anything you could suggest to up my ratings and optimize my traffic?smile

    1. elisabeth reid profile image68
      elisabeth reidposted 16 years agoin reply to this

      When I've had writer's block...which tends to happen fairly regularly (particularly with fiction), I use stream-of-consciousness to bulldoze my way through it.

      I open Word, put my fingers on the keyboard, have someone set a timer and then I just type.  Whatever comes into my head, even if it's nothing at all, I'll just type random letters until something does pop into my head.  Under no circumstances will I stop typing, even for a second...even to backspace over a typo...for 20 minutes. 

      At the end, most of it's garbage but, quite often, there are little nuggets in there that I can pull out and build on.  And then, once you get started...

      Give it a try.  You might be surprised.

    2. robie2 profile image76
      robie2posted 16 years agoin reply to this

      Wow--11 hubs in 10 days is pretty impressive--doesn't sound like my kind of writer's block--I've only done 13 in 3 months LOL--but for what it is worth, I sometimes lurk in the forums and find people discussing something that gives me an idea for a hub--or sometimes reading somebody else's hub will give me a spin off idea.

      I went and read your profile and a couple of your hubs and really look forward to hearing more from you soon-- I like your style and bet you have lots of interesting things to say :-)

    3. profile image48
      surdavid777posted 16 years agoin reply to this
  2. SteveT profile image60
    SteveTposted 16 years ago

    I've always heard that just writing helps.  Word after word of gibberish if it needs to be, so long as you keep your fingers moving over the keyboard.  Another way of getting past the block is to take a legal pad and make a very detailed list of every reason you have ever used to walk away from the computer and write nothing.  Also, take a walk, let the wind clear your head.

  3. amy jane profile image68
    amy janeposted 16 years ago

    Try reading, flip through some magazines or a newspaper. Read a book by your favorite author. That always works for me. Well, not always, but sometimes! 
    Take a look at the requests and see if there are any topics you are familiar with and could write about, or are interested in enough to  research.

    Your score is quite good for someone who is just getting started!  smile

  4. cjcs profile image60
    cjcsposted 16 years ago

    I think a lot of it depends on what you are writing. 

    If it's fiction, then just'll fix it later. 

    For technical writing, don't try to be good, just get it'll fix it later. 

    For blogs/commentaries/columns...well, there you have me.  Sometimes I have difficulty finding something to say there, too, especially if you are having to stick to a specific topic.  Start the article with "The only thing keeping me interested in [topic] is..."  if you can't find an answer, then maybe it's time for a rest.  If you don't have to be on a specific topic, then pick some random object and write about that.  There are several hundred things on my desk right now that would serve as adequate fodder.  Even if it's'll fix it later.

    If nothing else, write an essay on why you don't want to write.

  5. Amber Korn profile image59
    Amber Kornposted 16 years ago

    I find the things that are most interesting to write about are life's situations.
    unfortunately most people are drawn to the pain.  If there is an abundance of that in your life,
    you might as well use it to your benefit.

  6. profile image48
    surdavid777posted 16 years ago

    Hi Sun...
         I write fiction and when I get writers block ( which is often) I usually try to find simular
    articals about what I'm writing about.  See how others handle situations close to what I'm trying to express. Read how other authors handle a certain situation.  I also paint and I use the same tactics when I set a scene.
         Good luck. Do you write just blogs?


  7. sun goddess profile image60
    sun goddessposted 16 years ago

    thank you guys... smile i've followed some of the advices here like, going out and taking a breather and reading online journals and magazines for more info... smile maybe what's holding me back is my lack of confidence... I've seen alot of people here who have done very well with their hubs and I just wish I knew their secret... smile

    LIfe situations? Hmmmm... there's not much to tell about my life... if anything, it is it's painful ordinariness... smile But I'll think about it... smile

  8. VioletSun profile image79
    VioletSunposted 16 years ago

    You have written 15 hubs in one month, that's very good! I have been here 4 months and have managed to write only 13, so maybe you can give me tips on how to get going with writing more. LOL!  In any event, you received helpful tips from our fellow hubbers. smile

  9. profile image49
    mike12572posted 16 years ago

    your thinking to hard!!   ill use this as an example...  when you are trying to sleep(relaxed) you can start counting sheep... well while your counting sheep you realize your not only counting sheep, but also thinking about what was on tv, and the actions of your day...  so while you are relaxed(trying to sleep) you are thinking bout several different thing at the same time....  just relax when you write....

    you can also start telling a story about yourself... to your self.....  then the flood gates will surely open after about 5 mins.....  try to stick to stories in your early youth..... your innocense and experiences as a youth is a great muse...

  10. Hope Wilbanks profile image65
    Hope Wilbanksposted 16 years ago

    Take a break. Go for a walk. Clear your head. Read a book. Paint. Draw. Color. Do anything BUT write. smile Sometimes you just need to refill all those words you've dumped out. And the only way to do that is by doing something other than writing. wink

  11. Sally's Trove profile image78
    Sally's Troveposted 16 years ago

    sun goddess, you brought up two different questions in the message that started this thread.  You asked about writer's block, and then you asked about optimizing your traffic and upping your ratings on Hubpages. 

    These are two different things. 

    If you want to overcome writer's block, listen to the great hubbers who have commented here in this thread.  If you want to optimize traffic and up your ratings, then start at All Forums >>Need Help? Ask here.

  12. AC Gaughen profile image59
    AC Gaughenposted 16 years ago

    sun goddess, you have writers block for a reason. 

    Usually, with my writing, I get writers block when something just isn't working, and my pen knows it but my mind isn't willing to acknowledge it yet.  My best resource?  A select group of like minded writers that I turn to for some perspective--they read my work for me, give me some comments, and usually the problem--or several problems!--immediately jump to my eye, creativity starts bubbling up with ways to fix, and all is flowing again. 

    If you need help, I have a lot of experience as an editor and I'd love to help you out!

    xx AC

  13. Stacie L profile image88
    Stacie Lposted 15 years ago

    Oh I hear ya! I'm got writer's block,,,can't think of anything too original...I want to write short anecdotes but this is not the place for it..
    there's only so many things to write about..
    I'll look at the requests again.;sad


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