a true friend indeed.

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    rubidarlingposted 9 years ago

    as tears streamed down my eyes,i wish for only  one thing and that is to find solace and comfort from whorver i can.i wonder where  i can find  a true friend to share my pain but no; not a single soul can understand  my plight and pain.wounded and lonely,i remember my one and only true friend who listens to me when no one wants to,who shares my pain and understands me.she shows it by showing me how livid and turbulant  she can be;she strecthes out and roars with turbulant waves yet she calms down and listen to me.
    with her i find it okay to share my innermost secret since she is a great keeper of secrets.
    a true friend who never disappionts or betray my trust.
    she takes  my pain away even though she can be livid and turbulent,she never gets tired,bored and mad at me like everyone slse does,instead,she listens patiently as i shout out my fustrations at her.she clams down even when she is etremely mad.she has thought me to be patient even in turbulent times.she goes far beyound the imagination of the world and me.every where i go i know i will meet her;far accross the atlantic,from  africa to europe,from america to asia  and the middle east;everywhere on this planet earth my true friend is there for me.my true friend is the ocean,mother nature ,as blue and beautiful as she is,she will always be there for me.

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      Catherine Behanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Nice.  Sweet words, drew me right in.  I love that the ocean is your friend and mine.  Catherine

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    topstuffposted 9 years ago

    How many my friends merge and your friend come in existence and flows.