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Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Updated on December 11, 2010

If there is one that that is guaranteed to get cold on your long motorcycle rides, it will be your fingers. Even with regular gloves then get cold. Being directly out in the open they are one of the most exposed parts of the body, and the furthest away from the heart, hence the lack of blood flow to keep warmth (same as the feet).

There is a physical limit to how big of a pair of gloves you can wear due to operation of the motorcycle controls needed. so that leaves 2 options for the winter or night rider. Heated handlebar grips. Or Heated motorcycle gloves.

Both are effective solutions. Some of the bigger touring motorcycles like the Harley Davidson Road Glide may come with heated grips as standard. You can also buy kits to fit to your motorcycle to give you the desired warmth.

The disadvantage of heated grips is they can't always be moved to another motorcycle if you fancy a new one (and if they do - it means a pain in fitment). You are also losing energy heating up the bars rather than the hand, and it is less even all round warmth in comparison to a glove.

Where to Buy Heated Motorcycle Gloves.

Motorcycle stores will surely stock heated motorcycle gloves and happily advice you on the latest ones suitable for you. Although in warmer places you might struggle to find them.

You can always rely on online stores having them in stock though. Motorcycle clothing specialists will have the largest selection, although you can always add them onto your order too with it's free delivery, they have a wide selection of the latest and reasonably priced heated motorbike gloves and are worth checking out.

Be sure you don't compromise on safety when going for heated gloves. You should still look for standard motorcycle glove features like a bulbous plate on the back of the hand and protective pads between the knuckles.

Be sure to keep your gloves on or in good on board motorcycle luggage / motorcycle storage of which I've also written articles about when you're off the motorcycle.

Shopping for Motor Motorcycle Items?

Motorcycles always need maintenance, and that means spare parts. To be sure you're buying them from the cheapest places, check out my used motorcycle parts hub.

Safety is important, as I mentioned, to be safe, you need to know your surroundings, and that is assisted with the life saver check and motorcycle mirrors. There is no need to compromise on style though in this area.

Want to record your journeys through rain and sun? Check out my How to set up a motorcycle camera hub for more information.

Keep the wind off with a new motorcycle windshield - essential as heated motorcycle gloves in keeping the bodies core temperature up.


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