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Things You Need to Do When Involve in a Car Accident

Updated on July 9, 2015

Car Accident

Recently, I had a minor car accident. It happened at the parking lot of a Shopping Mall. As I backed into a parking space to my right, I stopped my car to let a few pedestrians pass. A truck parked on my left-hand side suddenly backed into me, and damaged my driver side door, and door handle. Luckily, no one was injured. Apparently, the truck driver did not check the rear as he backed out. He asked me not to report the accident, and claimed that he has a commercial plate, therefore his insurance would not go up. On the other hand, my insurance might increase. I ignored him and called the local police.

Having a car accident can be dreadful. However, doing the right thing makes your life less miserable.

Steps to Follow

1. Try to remain calm, call police right away and take pictures of the accident.

2. Do not move your car until police arrives

3. Best not to settle the matter privately. A little damage to your car may result in a big bill. You never know how much things cost lately, better be safe than sorry.

4. Contact your insurance co. as soon as possible, and give a detailed account of what had happened. They will send an examiner to look at your car and provide an estimate on the damages.

5. Find a reliable local Auto Body Shop

6. If the car is OK to drive, wait until you receive the check from insurance co. then go and fix it. Otherwise even if the car is fixed, it may take a while for you to get it back. Money talks.

7. Your insurance co. will send you an accident report form to fill out. Describe the accident as detail as possible, and then send the form back quickly. A good insurance company will deal the matter for you. They should contact the other party involved for you.


Thanks to my insurance co. and my prompt action, my car was fixed in 5 days, and I got the check in 10 business days. Hopefully, my experience can help some of you. Good luck!

What to do after an car accident?


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