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How to Bring Good Luck into Your Office -FengShui Lesson

Updated on April 20, 2015


FengShui and Five Elements

Have you ever had that feeling? No matter how hard you try there are certain people just can’t get along with you. Look around, they can be your boss, your co-worker, even your family members.

A friend of mine has hard time with his office manager, an older woman, who always picks on him, yells at him and blames him for every little thing that went wrong. She seldom praises him for the good job he had done, and shamelessly takes all the credit when he did most of the work. It seems to him that she dislikes him from the day one, and for no apparent reason.

I gather a few facts from him and discover something interesting. They are both born in the year of Dog, according to the Chinese calendar, however, 24 years apart. “Dog People” are usually friendly, loyal, honest and hardworking. Most of all, they get along with each other. So what’s going on here?

In Chinese FengShui, there are five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They relate to each other in two different ways, generative and destructive. In the generative relationship, one element is the source for the next; while in the destructive cycle, an element can destroy another. My friend’s element is “water”; his manager belongs to “earth”. Think of it, in nature, earth will hold back water as we see in a dam. And the same applies to human relations. No wonder my friend constantly finds himself in hot water.  

Is there a way to break the vicious cycle? Of course there are ways. One is called bridge. Find a third person to help them communicate with each other (note: that mediator needs to have an element of “metal” in order for the “bridge” to function properly.) The second suggestion is distance. Have you ever heard of an old saying that distance makes the heart grow fonder?  If possible, keep the two in a separate office. Peace can be preserved by giving each other enough space. Worse comes to worst, all fails, one can always find another job.

Final words

If you are interested in the topic of FengShui, please follow my future postings. I welcome any comments, advices and questions. Thanks for visiting!


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