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Keep Your Foes Away in the Office - FengShui at Work Place

Updated on April 21, 2015


Office FengShui

A friend tells me that she has had a hard time lately at work. Her manager constantly sits on her nerve. There used to be two employees in the office and the manager stayed in another room. When the new owner takes over, they transfer the other employee to a different department. After that everything goes downhill. The manager “moves” to the common office to “help out” so do speak. She practically sits side by side with my friend, only the manager’s table turns slightly in an angle that she can see what my friend is doing and no one can see her. It’s like working with a “watch dog”. My friend’s every move is being recorded. No one dares to come near her or say hallo, and chatting for a minute during break time is out of the question. Talking of “Break Time”, ever since the manager becomes her “co-worker”, there is no more break time for her. As soon as she finishes a project, more work is piled onto her desk. She doesn’t even have the time to go to bathroom.

Meanwhile, the manager is free to chat with others whenever she wants, and talk to her family members on the phone for half an hour or more at a time, even do her own side work (personal things) right in the open. And that is not all. When the manager gave up her own office to move in with my friend, in the process, she got rid of several large tables and cabinets in order to make room for herself, and rearranged the furniture to her liking. As a result, my friend has no place to put her work. All the important materials sit on the top of a garbage can or cardboard box. The entire office looks small and disorganized. Going to work every day is like a torture. She feels suffocated, depressed and very unhappy.

She doesn’t understand why other departments’ atmosphere seems so relaxed and mellow, but her office is no more cheerful than a graveyard. Also, she has been working with the same manager for over ten years. In the past, they seldom had conflicts, and now, they can’t stand each other for a second.

From their birthdate I learn that my friend has an element of “Wood”, while her manager is “Metal”. In nature, Metal cuts Wood. So the relationship between the two is a destructive one. The manager will always take advantage of my friend. In the past, it might not show clearly since they have separate offices and another employee, who served as a communication bridge between them, now all the favorable elements are taken out. As the dominating “Metal”, the one with power, the manager is free to demonstrate her position. In the good old time, such conflict might not do much damage to a business. Nowadays, the employers are desperately trying to cut expenses. Low-level employees are the jewels in a company. They get relatively low pay, but do most of the work, experienced, devoted and hardworking. Frankly speaking, they are more valuable than the management personnel, and should receive high respect.

FengShui is an energy that surrounds us. Good office FengShui can bring positive energy to the working environment. Therefore, people in this environment can work together in harmony, and increase productivity. A business thrives on positive energy. Sadly, many employers don’t see its importance. When a business falls apart, they are still wondering why.

Final Words

If you are interested in the topic of FengShui, please follow my future postings. I welcome any comments, advices and questions. Thanks for visiting!

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