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Tips on How to Pass New York Driving Test

Updated on December 29, 2016

A Lesson To Learn

It’s very difficult to pass New York State Driving Test. The neighborhood state NJ has relatively easier road test. It normally takes place in a closed parking lot. The driver doesn’t need to be perfect to pass. However, New York State has a different set of rules. The Road Test is done on local streets, with stop signs, traffic lights and all that. Moreover, one has to be “perfect” in order to pass. I got my NY State driver license when I was 18 years old. To this day, I still remember how draining it was to pass the road test.

After three months of careful preparation, I thought I was ready for it. Three days prior to the “Judgment Day”, a big snowstorm hit the tri-states area. The roads were narrow and slippery, with 3 feet of snow piling on the sidewalks. I drove slowly along the test route, maintaining the safe speed of 25 mph, and followed the officer’s instructions exactly, even executed a perfect parallel parking. As I returned to the starting point thinking that I would definitely pass, the officer calmly announced, “You have failed the road test.” I couldn’t believe my ears. “How is that possible? What did I do wrong?” “When you made the right turn back there, you crossed the middle dividing line,” the officer said. “But with all the salt sprayed on the road, I couldn’t see any dividing lines,” I explained.

No use. A rule is a rule, even if it seems unreasonable.

Two months later, I retook the test. Luckily, spring had finally arrived. The roads were clear and the weather was fair. I drove on a local street, and saw a dog, without leash, running alongside of the road. The officer asked me to stop the car at once. As a careful and considerate driver I am, I smoothly brought my car to a complete halt. About 10 yards ahead, the dog crossed the road. The rest of the test went without hitch. As I waited for the result, the officer said to me while marking something on the test form, “You have failed,” he said. “Again?” This time, I was really frustrated. “I did everything you asked me.” He replied, “When I told you to stop for the dog, you did not stop your car immediately. What if it was a child running?” I was completely speechless.

The last time I took the road test, I was prepared to stop for any animal or anything that moves. And I would yield even if a squirrel wants to cross the road. Luckily, god heard my hearty prayer. When the officer gave me the passing grade, I was almost in tears. After 5 months of agony I finally received my NY driver license.

Final Words

So my dear friends, something seems so easy may be very difficult to achieve. Life is full of surprises. But don’t give up, try, try again. Eventually, you will succeed. Good luck.

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