Which is better- Chevy or Ford? And WHY?

  1. MamaDragonfly2677 profile image72
    MamaDragonfly2677posted 9 years ago

    Which is better- Chevy or Ford? And WHY?

  2. KKSteinmetz profile image52
    KKSteinmetzposted 8 years ago

    That question which is better has been a battle over a long time and i doubt will ever stop.  But i think your question would be better specified past or present. Also are you talking about cars or trucks.  Still many find this to be a validating question on their purchase of either vehicle or some battle of pride.  My personal opinion on the subject is i like chevys gas trucks better than ford because I have had more experience with the chevy motors and performance modification of said motors(ie. Chevy 350, and 454 big block).  Diesel trucks i like the powerstroke for its power and modification ability along with amazing towing capability.
    Car-wise i believe that older fords and chevys during the 60s thru the 70s are equal in my book newer cars though i would give it hands down to chevy.  Case in point the Mustang GT is a terrible example of fords ability to produce a fast car for the money.  A car of relatively equal price and in my opinion a faster car for the money is the Cobalt SS turbo.  With a 265-horsepower 4 cylinder turbo with a brembo front brake system performance speaks for itself.  Gt-500 Kr is a better example of raw power and engineering.  But the new Camaro is styling wise on a whole new level and the speed and suspension are amazing.  The Camaro and Mustang have been in the same competitive rank for years but i think the Camaro has separated itself from the Mustang.  So i hope that was explanation enough what is your opinion.

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    cfinposted 5 years ago

    Ford is an internationally renowned car manufacturer. Chevy changes from continent to continent, and in most of Europe is a south Korean car manufacturer called Daewoo, with a Chevorlet badge on it.

    Ford have so many credits to their name, as do Chevy. Going back to the the Corvette sting ray, the Ford GT40. The quality of Ford vehicles, in todays market, for me, is better and last longer.

    The mustang as Steinmetz stated, is also, in my opinion, a bad example of the abilities of ford. Instead, look to nascar, rally car and formula one, and one would automatically notice that Ford have a broader spectrum and greater reputation, internationally.

    Looking forward, Ford have just created a 1 litre engine that can manage 94 mpg, while smashing the time of most super cars on a lap of the Nuremburg ring. That is the future. Meanwhile, chevy had the volt, which has received mixed reviews.

    I would have to say, Ford are possibly the best US car manufacturer and will pull further ahead of the pack in times to come.