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How To Change A Tire

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    HubPagesposted 7 years ago

    How To Change A Tire

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    easyguyevoposted 7 years ago

    Instructions on how to change a flat tire step by step, quickly and easily. This is a necessary skill, important to all car owners because a car tire can become flat at any time. read more

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    infoman10posted 7 years ago

    These are some steps for changing tire.

    First, turn on flash lights and safely pull off the road to a visible spot away from traffic. You can lift hood up to indicate other motorists about situation.

    Apply the hand brake and put transmission in park or gear position.

    You can get spare tire, leverage pipe, jack, lug-nut wrench from the trunk.

    Make sure you chock the other wheels with rock or log to avoid car from rolling.

    Some cars have hubcaps and remove it with screw driver.

    You can use the lug-nut wrench to loosen lug nuts on the flat tire. After all nuts are loose, jack up the car and place jack vertically on the road. Put lug nuts in a safe place.

    Replace flat tire with spare tire. Tighten the lug-nuts.

    You can lower the car and remove jack.

    Remove the chock and it is recommended to drive to a tire repair store.

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    hardatworkposted 7 years ago

    The last time I changed a tire was...okay, the honest truth, I've never changed a tire in my whole life.   
    I knew kind of, sort of where all the tools were located in my 2008 Rav-4, and I definitely knew where the spare was, but that's about it.... read more

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    DashCovermanposted 7 years ago

    Always try to keep tires that have at least 50% tread on them and this will help reduce the higher percentage of having a flat. I normally do not get a flat until my tires are half gone..It is no fun to change a flat tire expecially after a long day, before work on in heavy traffic. I know that most folks are always in a rush and never check the tires before leaving on a trip, but in most cases, you will see a low tire and can resolve an issue before it escalates...making the job easier. Changing the tire is basically the same on most vehicles, easier to perform on smaller cars due to the lighter weight of vehicle.

    Practice reading the operators manual when you get a chance soon after buying vehicle, so that you know where your jack is hidden, and what tools are where..Always pull as far off the road or out of traffic as far as possible. Turn on emergency lights..jack up vehicle just high enough to loosen lug nuts, then jack it up high enough to remove tire, replace with spare, lower vehicle enough to help stabilize vehicle, tighten lug nuts to spec, lower vehicle and your ready to go.

    This always sounds easier than it turns out....

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