What to do if a auto mechanic won't fix your vehicle and you already paid for th

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    hubbcappposted 7 years ago

    What to do if a auto mechanic won't fix your vehicle and you already paid for the work?

    I paid $1000.00 to have another engine put in a truck I own.  It has been 7 months and he still has not done the work.  What can I do to get my truck back and running in the same condition as when I paid him to do the job and get the money I gave him.  Do I go to small claims court or to another court?

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    galleryofgraceposted 7 years ago

    (Not giving legal advice)

    Small claims court would probably award the money you paid and demand your truck back so you can take it elsewhere to be repaired.
    Hope that $1000 didn't include the cost of the new motor. If you provided the new motor ask for it back  too.
    You probably should tell the mechanic what your plans are. No one wants to go to court.
    Send a simple letter stating the day you plan to go to small claims court. He won't want to go to court so will probably get busy. If you do have to go to court notify the proper regulatory agency of  the bad habits of a business.

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    kschangposted 7 years ago

    Small claims will work, but what you need to do first is send him a letter that basically says "do the work or I sue you!"  I think the formal name is "demand for contract compliance" or something like that. And give him a reasonable amount of time, like 14-21 days. Refund the money plus towing charges so you can take it to somewhere else and you don't ask for damages for wasting your time, or else you'll sue him for $1000 plus holding your car hostage, which , even if you just charge $1 a day is a good amount of money.

    Then when you go to court produce all the demands, including the letter, the canceled check (prove that you DID pay him and the money already came out of your account), proof that the truck is at his place, and so on.