By using nitrogen in tires how much longer do tires tend to last?

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    Just Ask Susanposted 6 years ago

    By using nitrogen in tires how much longer do tires tend to last?

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    KDFposted 6 years ago

    The question is a bit deceptive. Having nitrogen in tires instead of just air doesn't add any lifetime to the wear on the tires per say. Nitrogen is a substitute for air in tires to reduce chances of leakage and in hopes of being more reliable to maintain proper pressure in the tires themselves. Maintaining proper pressure in tires helps not only with gas mileage but proper wear on the tred of the tires themselves. You shouldn't have to add nitrogen to tires as often as prior when air pressure in tires would be something that was checked at service intervals.
    Nitrogen filled tires can usually be detected by the valve stem cap being green in color indicating that they do not need to be filled with air.
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    Nitrogen2Goposted 6 years ago

    Hi Susan,

    The nitrogen molecule is larger than the oxygen molecule.  Oxygen causes oxidization of the inner liner which results in additional pressure loss. Compressed air concentrates humidity and that moisture is injected into your tire.  Water in compressed air acts as a catalyst, accelerating rust and corrosion.  When the tire heats up the water changes from liquid to vapor.  Water vapor absorbs and holds heat, and expands tremendouly in volume.  Tires inflated with wet air run hotter and fluctuate more in pressure.

    Nitrogen is larger and a more effective molecule than oxygen so it will leak from your tires about 4 times slower; this allows you to maintain the correct PSI, or tire footprint, for longer periods of time.  Converting your tires to nitrogen will remove the vast majority of the oxygen which will enhance the tires longevity.  Nitrogen is a cool, dry, and inert gas, so removing the vast majority of moisture will allow your tires to run cooler and not expand and contract as one containing compressed air.  Removing the moisture will also protect your wheels and valve stem from corrosion. 

    Studies have shown that by converting your tires from air to nitrogen will increase your gas mileage 4% - !0%, and extend your tire life up to 50%. 

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