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Twitter and Social Media: A Free Short Course

Updated on February 6, 2013

Social Media for Newbies

I’ve been writing about the internet and social media for quite a few posts and I’ve decided to organize them for you and turn my writings into a short course on how to ge started with social media to benefit your business. This is not a complete treatise on social media marketing but is designed as way to help you manage through the social media jungle. Is it the blind leading the blind? I don’t think there is anyone who has all the answers and certainly not I but I will share y knowledge with you as best as I can.

Bookmark this page right now. It’s important. Bookmark this page before you surf away to one of my articles. You may have a hard time finding it again. The internet has trillions of pages! I will be adding information and new links every week. Checking back is the only way to check and see what’s new. This page acts as my “blog: starter page so this will be a good starting point in the future.

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