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Teaching jobs in India

Updated on March 12, 2013

Teaching as a profession

Teaching is considered as one of the noblest professions in India and teachers are held in high esteem. Education is a priority sector in India and with the opening of more and more schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning, the demand for teachers is steadily on the rise.

It is universally true that to succeed in a teaching career one has to cultivate certain essential qualities like patience, perseverance and a spirit of student-friendliness – apart from acquiring the required academic qualifications. A teacher is often likened to the lighted candle, which burns itself to provide light to the pupils.

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You are Wanted!

Teaching jobs in schools

With the proliferation of preschools, primary schools, high schools, and higher secondary schools, the demand for schoolteachers is swelling. Lots of promising young people – particularly women- are attracted to the school teacher jobs as the work hours are less prolonged than the jobs in the corporate world and the emoluments are reasonably good.

There is also the option for school teachers to provide private tuitions to earn extra money. Besides, the school teacher has enough time to spend with family and friends as schools close for long school vacations. Education in India is in the concurrent list and there are schools run by both State and Central Governments as also Municipal Corporations. There are also several elite schools run by private bodies.

To teach in primary schools in India, one has to obtain certificates in Secondary Teacher Training; to teach in High Schools, it is necessary to graduate in any subject of one’s choice and then acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Education; to teach in Higher Secondary Schools, a Master’s Degree with a teacher’s degree is essential. Women aspiring to become preschool teachers can get Montessori training for a promising career.

Expert science teachersin subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics are much sought-after by students aspiring to write competitive entrance tests to gain admissions into Medical/Engineering colleges.

Education in India

Teaching jobs at Colleges and Universities

The institutions of higher education decidedly play a key role in shaping the destiny of a nation. Teachers at Colleges and Universities in India have thus a serious responsibility of creating the human resources capital for various sectors of the country’s economy. The research, development and progress of any sector are critically dependent on the quality of higher education.

Therefore India is today laying special emphasis on higher education. The growing number of colleges and universities across India are throwing open enormous employment opportunities for well-qualified teachers. The career graph of College/University teachers can be very promising. One can start as a Jr. Lecturer and grow into a Lecturer, Reader, Associate Professor, Asst. Professor and Professors and with a stroke of luck can also end up as Principal of a College.

In order to make teaching jobs in Colleges and Universities more attractive, the University Grants Commission (UGC) and private sector colleges and private universities are fast raising the salaries of professors and lecturers to attract the best talent. To advance in a teaching career in Colleges/Universities, one has to obtain research Degrees.

Online Teaching jobs

Although E- Learning is still in nascent stages in India, it holds tremendous opportunities as an attractive career option. The biggest advantage of online teaching jobs is the teacher need not be confined to the four walls of a classroom but can mostly work from the comfort of one’s home.

Some online tutorials and e- learning portals may however insist that the teacher meet students occasionally to dispel doubts and build a personal rapport. Online teaching jobs eliminate all the hassles of commuting to the workplace. The spread of online education in Western countries have increased the demand of online teachers and India is a preferred destination for recruiting online teachers.

Teaching jobs in India have received the necessary impetus with a number of people - both men and women - opting for this profession. The chief attraction for a teaching profession is an individual’s abiding interest in the subject and secondly, this career offers tremendous job-satisfaction and finally because of the easy working hours and long annual vacations. Once you acquire the needed qualifications and experience, high paying overseas teaching jobs in countries like UK, USA, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Bhutan, and South Africa will be comparitively easy to get.

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