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Best Paying Hot Jobs in Malaysia

Updated on March 13, 2013

Top jobs in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the growing economies among the Asian countries. This Southern East Asian country is spread over an area of 329,845sq km with Kuala Lumpur as its capital. The recession had slowed the economic growth of most of the countries and many lost their jobs. Many MNC’S including banks had to be closed down. It is being said that Malaysia’s economy is recovering from the downturn phase and is now expected to rise considerably to 3.7 % which is further expected to rise by 5-7 % by 2011. The gross GDP of the country is thought to rise progressively as many companies are back on the hiring track.

Services sector is the major pillar of strength for Malaysia. Some of the highly paying jobs in this part of the country that can be the scope for earning money for both its own citizens as well as international candidates are :

Petrona Towers, Malaysia, once the tallest building in the world
Petrona Towers, Malaysia, once the tallest building in the world

Network Engineers

Network engineer is one of the best jobs to look for the people who belong to IT sectors. A certified course in networking from a recognized institution or organization is a must as it will prove ones proficiency level to the prospective organization. People specializing in MCSE (Microsoft certified system engineer), MCP (Microsoft certified professional) or CCNA (Cisco certified network associate) do have a good chance of getting a job that pays well.

However people with some more specialized technicalities like the CCNP or the CCIE are paid fairly good amounts because of their specializations which are mostly looked for by most of the IT companies. A good certified network engineer can expect to get pay between MYR12000 – 13000 which is a fair good start.


Sales and Marketing Professionals

Sales and Marketing is another highly paying profession not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. There is a cut throat competition in this area but when it comes to salary one can just sit and relax as this field is the most lucrative one. There is no limit to a sales professional earning as one not only earns the basic salary but earns a lot of commission coming in with each client one can target and sell the product. The basics of this job lies in the art of communication so an individual having a good command over communication and a well convincing power can fetch him good salaries.

Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry

The energy sources like the oil and gas fields also pays handsome amounts. This field is better suited for individuals who are ready to relocate to different destinations as this opportunity calls for a lot of exploration and search as one might be asked to relocate to some areas of Africa, emirates or various parts of Asia.

These jobs do require a background in oil and petroleum or some relevant experience in such areas which shall make one eligible for the job. Since these jobs are highly relocating and do involve some risks, so the salary package offered is good enough to justify the job profile. Some of the big firms that are offering good salary and profiles to the deserving candidates include Shell, PETRONAS, schlumberger and many more.

Jobs in the Telecommunication Industry

With the growing needs of people for various communication modes the telecommunication industry is picking up pace. This is one another industry that offers a good package. With the new technologies coming up like the 3G and wimax the companies are looking for people who are well aware of such applications. These jobs are mostly on contract basis. The agreement may be short term or long term depending upon the project.

These jobs offer a good amount of salary and most of them are paying their candidates in USD’s. This is a big option for people interested in telecom industry and who have the knowledge about the various fields like the radio frequency enhancing or other telecommunications aspects like the 3G projects dealing with implementation, planning and optimization of the radio networks. A person dealing with some short term projects of about 3- 6 months can earn between 16,500 USD per month which is close to a figure of MYR54000

Learn a Foreign Language

Another good option in Malaysia is the industries dealing with the foreign language speaking professionals. These professionals are highly in demand with the organizations who are dealing with various sectors of outsourcing and customer relationships of different companies not only of Malaysia but also internationally.

People who have good command over other languages specially people who are well versed with Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German and Thai language are paid very well due to the fact that there are only limited people available who have a good hold of these tough languages. Another factor adding on to good salaries is that if people have some background in accounting, IT or business. If you search properly you can find that there is a large number of job vacancies in Malaysia.


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    • profile image

      khalidtabbasum 4 years ago

      i am khalid from pakistan and worked in UAE in security for 3.6 years and now looking jobs in malaysia.

      i hve also Diploma in mechanical

    • profile image

      vrajesh r valand 6 years ago

      dear sir/mam

      hi sir i am vrajesh r valand from: india i am complitead in hardware network engineer cource i am mcp cirtifiead and exchenge server cerifiead i have 3 years expireance in office beacon as administretiv company in canada m,an branch so i will ready to acceptead all chellenge so please kindly replay to good oppurtunity regard:vrajesh r valand


    • profile image

      Mitali 6 years ago

      I am mitali mazumdar M.B.A in human resource and international marketing . Am in Malaysia and looking for a job .

    • profile image

      Annas 6 years ago

      "expect to get pay between MYR12000 – 13000 which is a fair good start."

      may i know which company?

    • profile image

      henry uduamoh raphael 6 years ago

      i'm from nigeria, my name is Henry Raphael,a profession in farming agriculture i need the opportunity for job in your firm in malysia.

    • profile image

      muiz 7 years ago

      does the pharmacist have high incomes in malaysia??

    • profile image

      Rajnish Mishra 7 years ago

      I am computer gradute and CCNP certified. looking a job in malaysia.

    • profile image

      shiva 7 years ago

      hey i am a graduate in ECE.

      i want to do a fresh start in telecom.

      could anybody help me...


    • profile image

      sar 7 years ago

      what bank closure? malaysia has gone thru painful and complex banking industry consolidation program a decade ago, which reduced number of banks to current ten. and none of them "had to be closed down" in recent years. i think you mean scaling down the number of bank branches, perhaps?

    • ramkkasturi profile image

      ramkkasturi 7 years ago from India

      Quite interesting and useful. I agree with you there are jobs in Malaysia. I was there afew years and I like the country. Ramkkasturi

    • KenWu profile image

      KenWu 7 years ago from Malaysia

      One thing down about this country is the political landscape. I don't need to comment about that since I believe they has made international headlines.

    • Maya Pillai 2010 profile image

      Maya Pillai 2010 7 years ago from Pune, India

      Nice to know that Malaysian economy is coming out opf recession. Do keep updating.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      Good new for Malaysian as the economy is rising in the days of recession.